mercredi, septembre 28

Will it be possible to release God of War on PC, Xbox One and Switch ?


As we approach the release of the new God of War, here is a question that many players are still asking themselves… So let’s try to answer it so that things are clear in the minds of those who would like to be able to enjoy Kratos’ new adventures on supports such as the Switch, the Xbox One or on PC.

At a time when publishers (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) are trying to offer a maximum of exclusivity on their respective consoles, some players (the younger ones or those who don’t necessarily have the time to find the information) have trouble figuring out which license belongs to whom and which game comes out on which consoles or PCs. Although it may sound crazy to some, there are really players who are not yet aware that the new God of War is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. 

The game God of War is also come on PC, Xbox One and Switch ?

As we were explaining a few lines before, God of War is a PlayStation exclusive… Which means you won’t be able to enjoy the game if you don’t have a PS4 console at home. For the moment, there is no plan for God of War to be released on PC, Xbox One or even Switch. 

And things aren’t ready to change when it comes to exclusivity since that’s what sells support and allows editor’s to ensure they maintain a fan base sufficient to maintain a sufficient profit and think about future generations of consoles. As you will have understood, the only way to follow the adventures of Kratos and Atreus in the new God of War is to own a standard PlayStation 4 or a PS4 Pro !


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