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Do I have to have played previous God of War games to understand the new God of War on PS4 ?


God of War PS4 will be here in a few days. Still developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony, the game will feature the iconic Kratos and his son Atreus. With this basic idea, it can very quickly become confusing in the minds of players who have never touched the series, but who have a « hype » of insanity with this new episode. 

Does the game God of War that comes out on PS4 follow the previous games in the series and do you need to have played the old episodes to fully understand the new adventures of Kratos ? Although Kratos is still the main character in this new God of War adventure, the game has been thought of as something new. 

If, for example, the previous games were based on Greek mythology, it is Nordic mythology that is put forward in this new adventure. This new God of War signs a new beginning for the series of such kinds that newcomers won’t need to ask themselves questions about Kratos’ old adventures to understand such and such events. The game is much more focused on his story than before with a strong relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus.

As Aaron Kaufman (Santa Monica Studio communication expert) said in a previous interview, it was the team’s will from the start to propose an adventure that did not make the link between Greek mythology and Nordic mythology allowing players to dive directly into current and future events rather than looking back. A good thing, then, if you’re one of the players on the move. 

You won’t need to have touched the God of War series to fully enjoy this new episode, which probably also explains why the game isn’t numbered. As a reminder, God of War PS4 is coming into stores this Friday April 20th, it’s obviously an exclusive PlayStation 4 game.


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