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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 the list of weapons in Blackout mode


For the first time in the Call of Duty series, players can compete on a huge MAP in the same format as a Battle Royale mode. Everyone starts the game with bare hands and you have to build your own arsenal to have a chance to be the last one still standing at the end of the game.

To help you build a real arsenal of warfare in the Blackout mode of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, we have listed all the weapons you can recuperate by playing in this mode.

The list of weapons of CoD Black Ops 4 Blackout :

For each weapon, you can add different accessories that will increase stability or accuracy and increase the number of ammunition in your magazines. In most cases you will be able to mount on the weapons, sight, barrel, under the barrel, magazine, body and grip. Only zombie weapons that are far too powerful as a base do not allow you to equip additional accessories.

→ Shotgun :


SG12  – A semi-automatic pump rifle with a powerful scattered shot that offers the player superior mobility. 


MOG 12  – A powerful shotgun that allows you to shoot an opponent in just two shots and only one shot if the player opposite is within close range.

→ Automatic rifles :


ICR-7 – An automatic rifle that offers excellent accuracy and low recoil. 


Titan – A lightweight automatic machine gun that offers good firepower to the user and has the largest ammunition reserve in its class. 


KN-57 – An automatic assault rifle that inflicts significant damage to opponents at short range and has a more than balanced recoil. 


VAPR-XKG – An automatic rifle that offers the player superior mobility on the field and has a high firing rate.


RFB MADDOX – The automatic assault rifle with the best firing rate in its class and the largest ammunition reserve.


REMPART 17 – An automatic assault rifle with significant damage, but which suffers from a slower rate of fire than other weapons in its class.


VKM 750 – A light automatic machine gun that offers its owners the best damage in its class, but suffers from low mobility.


Hades – A light automatic machine gun. It offers the best firing rate in its category with an average recoil to be taken into account.

→ Long-range rifles / tactics :


AUGER DMR – The semi-automatic tactical rifle with the best damage in its class and constant accuracy at short range.


SWORDFISH – Tactical rifle that fires 4-shot salvoes per shot and offers a high firing rate with minimal recoil.


Essex Model 07 – A tactical lever-action rifle, its simple and fast handling makes it very accurate to place a ball in another player’s head.


Outlaw – A lock sniper rifle that offers quick reloading when used. He eliminates a player with a single shot to the head and chest.


Koshka – A fast-handling precision rifle that eliminates a player with a shot to the head or chest. Possibility to stabilize the weapon during use.

→ The machine guns :


SAUG – An automatic machine gun with improved handling that has a very high firing rate, but suffers from a small ammunition reserve. Adding the « loader » accessory can solve its ammunition reserve problem.


SPITFIRE – An automatic machine gun that has the best firing rate in its class, but suffers from a pronounced recoil that will have to be managed when you are caught under enemy fire.


MX9 – An automatic machine gun that offers a medium rate of fire and has a moderate recoil.


CORDITE – An automatic machine gun with balanced performance that offers the owner a large reserve of ammunition.

→ Handguns :


RK 7 Garrison – A 3-shot burst pistol with a high firing rate and minimum recoil. 


Mozu – A double action revolver, simply better damage in its class and very effective at long range. 


STRIFE – A semi-automatic pistol that inflicts moderate damage, but has minimal recoil.

→ Rocket launchers :


Hellion Salvo / Rockets – A rocket launcher with a locking mode and a free firing mode. Reliable anti-material weapon with the possibility of anti-personal use.

→ Blackout’s zombie weapons :


Zweihander – A light automatic machine gun that inflicts significant damage while offering its owner a large ammunition capacity. Weapon usually mounted on aircraft. It is not possible to improve the Zweihander with accessories.


Ray Gun : famous weapon of the zombie mode of the Call of Duty series, it is available in the Blackout mode (rare loot) and wreaks havoc on the other players in the game.



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    • It’s true, the Ray Gun is hard to find but terribly powerful in Blackout. There are three ways to find it. On the body of the zombies, in the mystery box or by collecting it from the bag of a player who already had it 😉

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