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Tips : How to easily trap players in Fortnite Battle Royale


If you’re looking to trap the less observant players in Fortnite Battle Royale, there’s a very simple method to practice that works every time. By applying this technique, you will enjoy an advantage over your attacker who will have lowered his guard by watching your last action and then see the trap close on him (too late!).

How to win easily in Fortnite Battle Royale :

As you can see, the trick is simple, stupid, but it’s such a smart trick that many players fall for it ! Here’s how it works…

→ 1. Start by building a ramp to show your opponent that you are here to watch you.

→ 2. Make a wall behind your ramp, place a door on it and jump over the wall behind your ramp without going through the door. This will allow your attacker to think that you are running away…

→ 3. it is there that the trap closes on him, enter in reality by the door that you had built and observe your opponent arrived stupidly on you… 

→ 4. Take advantage of the situation, watch it from your ramp without it being able to see you and empty your ammo on it as soon as it is close enough to you to take it by surprise.

If you don’t understand the basic idea, here are video of the game that will help you better understand how the trick works.

Traps players fortnite


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