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Wiki Fortnite new Sneaky Snowman item that is used to transform / hide in the environment of the ice storm


What better way to ambush other players than to take advantage of the recent ice storm on the MAP of Fortnite ? We knew the technique of the bush or skin which took the appearance of a statue / gargoyle… We now have the Sneaky Snowman item which allows players to literally blend into the all-white environment of Fortnite by taking on the appearance of a snowman.

It will now be necessary to be « very » careful when crossing MAP. Any snowman could be a disguised player trying to surprise his opponents. 

How to get the Sneaky Snowman item from Fortnite to turn into a snowman :

The Sneaky Snowman is a loot like any other item in the game, you will get it by opening chests or looking for supply lamas. You can even retrieve it from another player you shot if he had the item on him. It appears in packs of 5 and players who own it can store up to 10 in the stack and it is available in a typical variant. 

Be careful, there are a few things to know about using the snowman in Fortnite:

  1. It serves as a shield, providing an additional 100 PVs for players who wear it.
  2. If you try to enter construction mode using the Sneaky Snowman it will be destroyed.
  3. You can throw a projectile to make a snowman appear with the shooting button.
  4. The secondary fire button is used to carry the snowman.
  5. Using an item while wearing the camouflage disables it.
  6. All other types of movement not listed are possible with camouflage.

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