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Fortnite what is an ice shards, where to find and how to destroy them


With the current ice storm event, the landscape of Fortnite has completely changed and a horde of zombies from the Ice Legion have invaded the area… These zombies appear through the famous ice shards that appear everywhere on the MAP.

They are easily recognizable, they look like blue ice crystals. The appearance point is not fixed, between each game so we can’t offer you a map of the game with the location of all the ice shards… On the other hand, even if they will appear randomly in different places, they will still be in the game area. They will therefore not appear outside the storm barrier. 

☆ We are talking to you about ice shards, because you will have to destroy them as part of the challenges of the « ice storm » event in Fortnite season 7. You will find the list of challenges at this address : Fortnite how to finish all the challenges of the ice storm event to get the Winter’s Thorn Glider.

Where to find Fortnite’s ice shards:

You can know when a ice shard is present in the playground as lightning flashes when the ice legion monsters appear. If you see lightning or zombies, it means that a ice shard is very close to you. There is one that is guaranteed to appear in the Wailing Wood maze, so it can be a good starting point for your matches.

How to destroy Fortnite’s ice shards:

You can use any weapon to destroy them. However, we recommend the stealth method by using weapons with silencers or even your pickaxe to avoid alerting other players in the area. 


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