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Fortnite season 10 robot (BRUTE) how it works


With Fortnite’s season 10 / season X, Epic Games teams have added a new method to fight other players on the island in Battle Royale mode. You will now have the opportunity to ride in super-powered combat robots also called B.R.U.T.E. they are two-seater mechas with impressive weapons. You read well, two-seater which means you can control and explode everything by standing with two players inside one of these robots. 

Jump and blow up structures and buildings in the environment by landing violently on them, use super-weapons such as the on-board shotgun or missile launcher. Carnage the enemy ranks with this new Fortnite season 10 vehicle.

Fortnite’s robot (BRUTE) season 10 / X it can do what ?

  1. The robot can be driven by one or two players. If there are two of you, one of you is the pilot and the other is in charge of making it rain a destructive rain on the opponents still on the ground. If you are solo, you can pilot it and alternate between movement and combat at any time.
  2. The robot can make super jumps and destroy structures / buildings. When you destroy a building, you automatically recover the resources, wood, stone or metal.
  3. The robot’s shotgun has 10 bullets in its magazine and makes 50 damage points that can be multiplied by 1.5 by shooting into the head.
  4. The missile launcher can fire up to 10 rockets at a time. Hold the key to charge the missiles and release to fire the rocket burst at your opponents. Death and destruction await what is on the ground!
  5. You are exposed when you stand in the robot’s cockpit or shooting cabin (BRUTE) of Fortnite season10 (season X), you can protect yourself by consuming 200 materials (whatever!) to produce a super shield that will defend you from enemy fire.

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