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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice where to find Dragon’s Blood Droplet


Dragon’s Blood Droplet in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice are essential items to heal sick people… As soon as an essence of dragonrot is detected, it is that a character in Sekiro’s world has been touched by the sickness. We will explain here where you can find the Dragon’s Blood Droplet to heal sick people.

★ In a previous article, we explained in more detail what the dragonrot means. If you automatically get your first Dragon’s Blood Droplet, the others are to be found by browsing Sekiro’s world. You can find our article on the healing of the dragonrot here : Guide Sekiro Shadows Die Twice how to heal the characters of the dragonrot sickness.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice how to get Dragon’s Blood Droplet for remove dragonrot sickness :

To obtain it you will have to have made enough progress in the region around Ashina to reach the gates of Ashina Castle where you will fight a certain Gyobu Masataka Oniwa. After your victory, you will have access to the sculptor’s idol « Gate of Ashina Castle », this is where you will find Dragon’s Blood Droplet. Instead of passing through the gates, turn back from the battlefield and climb the stairs at the end. You will arrive in front of a large house. Instead of going inside, go to the side and you can meet the Battlefield Memorial (a merchant) who will sell you different types of offerings, including the dragon’s famous Dragon’s Blood Droplet items. 

You can buy one drop at a time… Choose the right time to use it to cure Sekiro’s dragonrot, especially as the next copies of the Dragon’s Blood Droplet will be more expensive. Note that You will find other merchants in the game who will sell you these items.

☆ Tip : Beware of waste! Do not press « use » from your inventory menu or you will use the Dragon’s Blood Droplet for your character and not to cure the dragonrot ! 



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