dimanche, décembre 4

Ring of Elysium (ROE the new free Battle Royale) R.I.P PUBG ?


A new game in the Battle Royale genre has recently appeared on the web. And players from all over the world didn’t take long to grab the phenomenon, a new free « Battle Royale » like a certain Fortnite, but much closer to the popular game of last summer… Playerunknown Battlegrounds or PUBG for veterans.

Is it possible that Ring of Elysium is dealing a fatal hit to PUBG’s paid version ? The Battlegrounds community had already drastically weakened with the appearance of Fortnite Battle Royale and players and the press already see Ring of Elysium as the PUBG Killer.

Ring of Elysium, already nicknamed by the ROE community, is a game developed by Tencent teams that uses the powerful QuickSilverX game engine to add interactions with backgrounds, such as destroying brick walls, destroying light sources to immerse the action in darkness, and other aspects of the same style that will help immersion. The game arrives on PC and will be playable for free. Although currently in closed Beta version, the Thai version of the game is already playable and the community didn’t take long to find a parry to be able to play Ring of Elysium early (and in English !). Those who have had the opportunity to try the game are serious, Ring of Elysium (ROE) may be a clone, but it’s still better than PUBG.

PUBG development teams will certainly have to revise their plans in the coming months. With Fortnite gaining more and more ground and Ring of Elysium soon to arrive in the rest of the world with the will of the group Tencent to bring the game on the Esport scene, we can already fear for the future of Battlegrounds well compromised…R.I.P PUBG ? Anyway, if you haven’t succumbed to the Ring of Elysium madness yet, you can take a look at a gameplay video below, on our side the guide to playing the game early is already in full writing. Stay around !


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