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YouTube Drops Fortnite how to win rewards for watching competitions / events


If you still play regularly at Fortnite, you will probably be interested in the following announcement, the Epic Games and YouTube association for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup (The Hollywood Game Jam). The concept is simple, watch videos / live broadcasts of competitions and other special events related to Fortnite to get rewards in return. This new system has a name, Youtube Drops. 

To make it work, simply link your YouTube account to the Epic Games account, then watch live broadcasts related to a special Fortnite event like the 2019 World Cup and you will be rewarded with various customization elements. You have to watch about 20 minutes of an event to get a first in-game reward. If at the beginning you win sprays and coatings, YouTube Drops will get will more rewarded with time and especially with the launch of season 10 soon, which could eventually allow you to win skins, even V-Bucks with this new partnership Fortnite X YouTube. And of course, it works, no matter what platform you play on, console, mobile or even PC. As long as your YouTube account is linked to your Epic Games account, you can win rewards.

Fortnite event dates list for YouTube Drops awards:

  • July 25, watch the preview of Game Jam Hollywood (Game Jam spray Award).
  • July 26, watch live on Day 1 of the Fortnite World Cup Final (Game Jam spray Award).
  • July 27, watch live on day 2 of the Fortnite World Cup Final (Aerosol World Cup award).
  • July 28, watch live on day 3 of the Fortnite World Cup final (Red Line Coating award).



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