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Fortnite Battle Royale How find the treasure of Dusty Depot (challenge of battle pass season 3)


One of the challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale’s new combat pass is to find a treasure at the Dusty Depot. By opening the challenges of your combat pass, you will be able to see the challenge « follow the treasure map found in Dusty Depot ».

Fortnite – where is the treasure map of the Dusty Depot :

The map is quite simple to find and note that if you follow our guide, you can simply go to the place where the treasure is located without going to the Dusty Depot to look the map. But for those who want to know where it is, you just have to go to the Dusty Depot. You will see the treasure map that is displayed against a wall between the buildings. There is a drawing on the treasure map that shows a cross at the foot of a tree.


Where is hidden the treasure of the Dusty Depot in Fortnite :

The treasure is hidden south of Shifty Shafts, you will find in a small area (see screenshots map below) some kind of camp with a house that has a car on its roof (how did her get there ?). On the side of this camp you will find a tree, just wait a few seconds at the foot of the tree to see the treasure of the Dusty Depot appear. It’s a star like on your combat pass.

Once you’ve collected it, you just have to finish your game to validate your challenge « follow the treasure map found in Dusty Depot ».


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