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Guide Yakuza 6 How to Get All Game Trophies and Unlock Platinum


In Yakuza 6 The Song of Life you will have a long list of trophies to unlock. No less than 58 trophies separate you from the platinum you are looking for. If you need information on the different trophies of the game to unlock, we have created a guide that will allow you to unlock each of them !

The list of trophies that you can’t miss and that are related to the history of the game :

The trophies below are related to history and therefore cannot be missed. Just follow the path of the main story and discover the events that will conclude the story of Kazuma Kiryu.

Welcome Back Trophy (Bronze) – Trophy that is related to the story and that will unlock upon your return/arrival in Kamurocho.

Hiroshiman Shadows Trophy (Bronze) – In connection with the story, will unlock at the end of Chapter 2.

Her Secret Life Trophy (Bronze) – Linked to the story, you will automatically get it by finishing chapter 4 of the game.

A Dead End Trophy (Bronze) – Related to the story, to be unlocked by ending chapter 6.

The Secret of Onomichi (Bronze) Trophy – related to the story, you will get it at the end of Chapter 10!

Cycle of Blood Trophy (Bronze) – linked to the story, unlocked by finishing the twelfth chapter of the game.

Thank You Trophy (Silver) – Awarded once you have completed Kazuma Kiryu’s story.

Kiryu founder clan trophy (Bronze) – You founded the Kiryu clan. You will get this one automatically through the game history.

Dandling Dragon Trophy (Bronze) – Experience the events related to history that will make you raise / care for a baby.

The complete guide to the Yakuza 6 trophies to unlock :

→ How to unlock the bronze trophies of Yakuza 6 :

Tell Me a Story Trophy (Bronze) – To get it, you must finish 10 sub-missions. These are the side stories of the game that you will find in the different chapters as you walk the streets of Kamurocho and Onomichi.

Hero of the Story Trophy (Bronze) – To get it, you must finish 40 sub-missions. These are the side stories of the game that you will find in the different chapters as you walk the streets of Kamurocho and Onomichi.

Story of my life Trophy (Bronze) – You must complete all sub-missions. There are a total of 51 side missions in Yakuza 6 The Song of Life. We will not miss to publish later a guide of the 51 missions annex of yakuza 6, do not hesitate to enter the name of the game « Yakuza 6″ in the search bar above the site to see if we have already published the guide. In addition, you can also click on our tag at the end of the article  » tips, guide and wiki of Yakuza 6  » to consult all our contents on the game !

Troubleshooter Trophy (Bronze) – To get it, you will need access to the Troublr application on Kazuma Kiryu’s smartphone. This application allows users to report when they witness a problem in the cities of the game. Take care of 5 different missions via the Troublr application to unlock this trophy.

This is my city trophy (bronze) – Same principle as the Troubleshooter trophy except this time you have to finish 20 different missions via the Troublr application to unlock this bronze trophy.

Feeling the Heat Trophy (Bronze) – Make Kazuma Kiryu enter 10 fury modes in battle. The « Heat » mode can be activated via the R2 button on your PS4 controller. Simply fill a blue sphere under Kazuma’s life bar to activate its heat combat mode.

Live to Fight Another Day (Bronze) Trophy – To unlock it, you just have to run 10 times the battles with the thugs of the areas you travel through. To escape, simply run away from your opponents without stopping until they give up the race. Do this 10 times to unlock this trophy.

Skill Dabbler Trophy (Bronze) – To unlock it, you will need to activate 10 skills in Kazuma Kiryu’s stats menu. Skills can be activated via the experience points you earn based on your actions in the game.

Skill Pro Trophy (Bronze) – To get this trophy, it is the same principle as the Skill Dabbler Trophy except that you will need to unlock 25 skills in Kazuma Kiryu’s stats.

Life of the Dragon Trophy (Bronze) – Easy to get trophy, use your experience points to increase Kazuma health in your smartphone’s stats application. Once you have reached 150 health points, the trophy will be unlocked.

Strength of the Dragon Trophy (Bronze) – Just like the Life of the Dragon Trophy, you just need to mount Kazuma’s attack enough in the stats application to win this trophy. You must increase Kazuma’s strength to 150.

Vitality of the Dragon Trophy (Bronze) – Like the Life of the Dragon Trophy, mount Kiryu’s defense enough in the stats application to win this trophy. You must increase your character’s defense to 150.

Speed of the Dragon Trophy (Bronze) – Still like the Life of the Dragon trophy you just have to mount this time the speed / escape of Kazuma in the application « stats » to win this trophy. You must increase Kazuma’s escape to 150.

Heat of the Dragon Trophy (Bronze) – Like previous trophies, raise Kazuma’s heat stats to 150 and you will get this bronze trophy.

Limit Breaker Trophy (Bronze) – Make sure to increase all the previously mentioned stats to the 200 limit to precisely break the dragon’s limits and increase your stats even more afterwards. Get 200 for each of your stats and you will get the Limit Breaker Trophy.

A Man’s Experience Trophy (Bronze) – You must earn 1000 experience points to get this trophy. The experience is collected in multiple ways in the game you will have no trouble getting this trophy.

A Fighter’s Experience Trophy (bronze) – Same principle as the previous trophy except you will need to collect a total of 10,000 experience points with Kazuma Kiryu.

Just Getting Started Trophy (Bronze) – Finish 10 challenges in the awards category of your smartphone. there are tons of challenges in Yakuza 6, whether they are related to the world, fighting, arcade games, etc. You will have no trouble finishing 10.

Maybe You Can Do It Trophy (Bronze) – The same as the previous trophy, except you’ll have to pass 31 challenges from the « Awards » application on Kazuma’s smartphone.

Kiryu Clan Captain Trophy (Bronze) – You will get it by reaching Kiryu Clan level 3. You will quickly get it by participating in some battles of the clan creator / creator clan.

Word on the Streets Trophy (Bronze) – Make the influence of the Kiryu clan reach 10,000 points. You will get it without even realizing it by naturally progressing through history.

Kiryu Clan Enforcer Trophy (Bronze) – Completely increase the statistics of a Kiryu clan leader. You can easily increase the statistics of a clan leader by entrusting him with the position of adviser. In addition, you can award experience points directly earned by Kazuma Kiryu himself.

On the Winning Team Trophy (Bronze) – Play enough clan battles to win 100 victories with the Kiryu clan.

What a Player Trophy (Bronze) – To unlock it, you must have tested all the mini-games in Yakuza 6 The Song of Life at least once. We plan to list all mini games soon, check the search bar or click on the « Yakuza Tips, Guide and Wiki » tag at the bottom of the page to see if we have already published the mini games guide.

Dragon of DoGYMa Trophy (Bronze) – A trophy that is related to the game’s gym. Go to the west side of Kamurocho to find Rizap’s gym. Join them at home to get the best abs and experience all the training sessions to get this trophy. Between each session, you just have to do a random fight in the street to try the other Rizap exercices.

Trophy I’ll Have the Calamari (Bronze) – You must defeat the Squid Emperor. Unlike what you think, it’s not enough to fight someone in the street, but to play a mini fishing game at Onomichi. Complete the first step of the fishing mini-game on the Onomichi docks and you will face the Emperor Squid.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name Trophy (Bronze) – This is a mini game at Onomichi’s New Gaudi Bar where you’ll need to talk to customers enough to get the title of beloved customer. Come back as often as you can to Onomichi’s New Gaudi and you’ll unlock it !

Shine Star Club Trophy (Bronze) – Go to the Kamurocho Cabaret Club and ask for every hostess in the club.

The Internet’s Real Purpose Trophy (Bronze) – Go to any cyber cafe in town and talk with the two beautiful young women from Live Chat.

To Be This Good Takes AGES Trophy (Bronze) – Just visit the two Sega clubs in Kamurocho, one at theater Square and the other on Nakamichi Avenue ST. and play on the different terminals.

That’s Purrecious (Bronze) Trophy – You must find three stray cats in the game. These cats are linked to a secondary quest for Kamurocho that begins at the Nyan Nyan cafe. We will soon publish a guide to stray cats (with their favorite foods), search the Yakuza 6 search bar or click on our tag « Yakuza 6 Tips, Guide and Wiki » to find out if we have already set up the guide on the site.

Play Ball Trophy ! (Bronze) – You must win a baseball game. Baseball will be discovered as you progress through the history of Yakuza 6. Come back again after discovering this activity and win a baseball game to get the trophy.

How Fortuitous Trophy (Bronze) – Go to the « Fortune Box » temple in Onomichi and get a great blessing by trying your luck. Test until you see the « Great Blessing » message.

Get Out and Stay Out Trophy ! (Bronze) – start a fight in a store and break while fighting. When you talk to the store managers/employees they will be angry and you will ask to leave the area.

Off the Beaten Path Trophy (Bronze) – To get this trophy, you will need to find a secret passage. There is one in the town of Kamurocho that you can borrow south between the two restaurants Sushi Gin and Yoronotaki. 

Trophy Not the Brightest Idea (Bronze) – You must jump from a really dangerous place ! Climb on a Kamurocho or Onomichi roof and jump into the void to get the trophy.

Pretty Tasty (Bronze) Trophy – Go to a restaurant and activate five different types of combos by making different dishes. It’ll take a little money and a few dish combinations to activate combos.

Commemorative Photo Trophy (Bronze) – You will need to take a photo of Ono Michio-kun. This will be possible after the end of the game by taking the tram to the temple. You will find on the right Ono Michio-kun, you just have to take a picture.

Can of Whoop Ass Trophy (Bronze) – Make Kazuma Kiryu completely alcoholic and go beat the thugs on the street. You can easily find alcohol in Kamurocho’s bars or in the city’s vending machines.

Life Through Kiryu’s Eyes (Bronze) Trophy – Press the R3 key on your controller (right click the joystick) and switch to first person mode then walk 30 seconds in this mode to get the trophy.

Trophy No Photos ! (Bronze) – Just have a group of enemies spot you on the street while you were taking a picture with your phone. Wait until they are angry and he interrupts you with your device in your hand.

→ How to unlock Yakuza 6 silver trophies :

Skill Master Trophy (Silver) – You will get it when you get all the skills from Kazuma Kiryu. As a reminder, you can get new skills for your character via the « stats » tab of your smartphone and by using experience points.

Peak Kiryu Trophy (Silver) – After breaking the stats limit by passing all your character’s stats to 200. You can increase the hero’s natural stats to 300. Make sure he reaches 300 from everywhere to get that trophy.

Dragon’s Experience Trophy (Silver) – To get this, you must have collected a total of 100,000 experience points with Kazuma Kiryu. There are many ways to get experience points. Fight fights, eat food, train at the gym, play arcade games and also unlock awards to collect enough experience points to unlock this Yakuza 6 Silver Trophy.

You Did It Trophy (Silver) – There are a ton of challenges to do via the « Awards » application on Kazuma’s phone… The Dojima dragon will have to pass 100 challenges from the list to get this silver trophy.

Kiryu Clan Patriarch Trophy (Silver) – You’ll need to defeat all the battles of the Clan Creator mode. Battles are relatively easy, at least to the last ones that will require a fairly solid team. You can improve your character training online or by using Clan Creator Codes/Clan Creator Codes. Some codes will allow you to directly control Kiryu or Majima. In addition, Daigo Dojima can for example improve your deployment gauge. Do a search for Yakuza 6 in our search bar or by clicking at the end of the article on the tag « Yakuza 6 Tips, Guide and Wiki » to see if we have already published the codes of the clans creator mode (it’s planned!).

Amon Defeated Trophy (Silver) – To get it, you will need to have reached the end of the game to be able to fight the optional boss Amon, which is certainly the most difficult fight in Yakuza 6. To overcome it, you will have to have good stats, unlock quite a few skills for Kiryu, but especially have enough care objects on you. Note that you can lower the difficulty of the challenge in the options if you can’t defeat it by setting the game to easy. It is indeed enough to beat Amon in any difficulty mode of Yakuza 6.

→ How to unlock Yakuza 6 Gold Trophies :

Dragon of Legend Trophy (Gold) – You must finish the game in legend difficulty mode. This mode of extreme difficulty is to be unlocked by finishing a first time the story mode. A trick for this trophy consists in finishing the game while keeping a backup save of before end to restart thereafter by choosing in the options of the game the legendary mode of difficulty. Then you just have to go to the end of the game with this save and easily unlock this gold trophy.

After all this hard work, you will get the famous platinum of Yakuza 6 The Song of Life trophy. It will take you 60 to 80 easy hours to overcome the 58 trophies in the game… Good luck!


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