mercredi, février 8

God of War PS4 how to heal and restore Kratos’ health


Even if the new God of War on PS4 is much more focused on its history than the previous games of the license, the fact remains that the new adventure of Kratos offers its share of action with a rather challenging fighting system that you will have to learn to master when you face the naughty trolls of the game.

Of course, in case of problems, you can count on the healing items to regain your health ! If you’re looking for how you can regain your health points in the new God of War, just use a green potion through the « O » button on your PS4 controller. Healing potions can be obtained in different ways, you will get some by killing mobs, by breaking objects of the scenery like jars for example.

There are also other ways to heal yourself, such as using the rage mode which is activated via the L3 and R3 buttons on your Dualshock 4 (press the two joysticks to trigger the Kratos rage mode). Once the Kratos rage mode is activated, your life bar rises gradually on its own. Note that as the adventure progresses you will be able to improve Kratos’ healing abilities… Although in this God of War you will always need to find a method to heal yourself and always be ready for combat since there is no natural/automatic regeneration out of combat.


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