Release of Fortnite on Android it is for very soon (google play download)


Fortnite is the star of the moment, the game with the most regular players on PC or consoles and more recently on its iOS version which has been a huge hit with Android players who are impatiently awaiting their version. It won’t be long now ! 

Indeed, the Epic Games teams talked about the Android version which should arrive very soon. If you’re waiting impatiently to play this royal battle on your smartphone or Android tablet, know that the release of the game is scheduled for this summer. This means that the APK file of the game will be in circulation very soon and that the waiting of the fans of the Android version will end.

Note that Epic Games teams did not stop at the simple release of Fortnite on Android, they also said they wanted to bring a better gaming experience on the mobile version by introducing an intelligent and customizable HUD (already the case on iOS) by including gameplay adjustments to facilitate access to certain features of the game. In addition, they said they wanted to make it easier to install the game on a mobile by reducing the overall size of the files to install.

Note that Epic Games teams are also considering introducing a voice chat feature on the mobile version, either on iOS or Android so that players who play as a team can chat in the middle of the game… Although on the iOS version, players have already found an alternative to this problem.

The Android version is in any case almost ready to be released, remember that you can download the APK version of Fortnite as soon as it is released at this address : Fortnite Battle Royale how to play on iPhone iOS and Android (APK Fortnite download).


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