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Detroit Become Human game release on Xbox One and PC ?


We are very close to the release of the new production of David Cage and his teams in the Quantic Dream studio, many players who are not very familiar with home consoles or the PlayStation family are wondering if Detroit Become Human will also be released on Xbox One or PC…

Detroit clearly has everything to seduce its audience with a particular interactive environment pushing players to make crucial choices for the future of the androids they control. The question is whether the game can be opened to a larger audience and released on other media like the Xbox One or PC…

Is Detroit Become Human also released on Xbox One and PC ?

At the risk of disappointing you, the answer is no… And the reason is quite simple. Quantic Dream is a studio that develops games in partnership with Sony which means that Detroit Become Human is a PS4 exclusive as was the case for previous studio productions like Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls.

So there’s no chance to see Detroit Become Human released on any other support than the Sony console, and that’s true for future Quantic Dream productions, we don’t see them changing plan well enough and breaking what links them to the PlayStation universe. The only way for you to play Detroit Become Human is to get a PlayStation 4. Note that if you already own the console, a playable demo is available on the Playstation Store which could give you a preview of the game.

Remember also that we have set up a FAQ on this new production of Quantic Dream, you will certainly find answers to questions you may have. It is available at this address: FAQ Detroit Become Human everything you need to know about the new Quantic Dream game.


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