How to earn money quickly in Jurassic World Evolution


The main concern you will face in Jurassic World Evolution is money. You start to create your park with several million dollars, money that wears out as quickly as you were given. And for good reason, the slightest action costs the equivalent of an arm in the game. To keep your park(s) meters in the green, you will need to maintain strict compatibility and make sure you are still a beneficiary.

If you are looking to make profits and get methods to make money quickly in Jurassic World Evolution we offer through this page to find all the possibilities offered by the game to get even more profits and make its parks prosper.

How to get a lot of money in Jurassic World Evolution :

There are many ways to make money in Jurassic World Evolution, learn how to use them to maximize profits and lead to success in your fleets. After all, you are the manager and you will have to generate as much cash as possible if you don’t want to go bankrupt and have to start all over again.

Complete contracts and secondary missions :

The first method to get several hundred thousand dollars is to fill contracts and secondary missions. The main characters in the three divisions (security, science, entertainment) who help you manage your parks will regularly offer you contracts that we strongly advise you to complete to get a lot of money. 

It is a very good basis to expand your parks with new attractions, new buildings and others for your visitors. These tasks are sometimes simple and sometimes more complicated, but you will be asked to take pictures of dinosaurs under specific conditions, incubate a certain number of creatures or even cause a controlled accident.

Expand your park to attract even more visitors :

The population of your park is not only there to see dinosaurs, add a hotel, shops and restaurants to generate additional profits. Be sure to condition the entire mall in the same area of the park to increase margins. The more people you have in an area, the more likely you are to attract customers to your shops and restaurants. Note that the more customers there are, the more you can manipulate the prices of what you sell to earn more and more money.

Add dinosaurs to your park to increase your score :

The more you increase the score of your park, the more you will sell tickets at profit. And for that, nothing beats incubating new dinosaur species to add them to your park. No need to add 200 creatures of the same species in your park it will serve the quality of your attractions, choose variety by incubating small herbivores, large herbivores and terrible carnivores. The price of your tickets will skyrocket and you will generate several hundred thousand dollars in profits per minute… Ah! And don’t mix carnivores and herbivores otherwise you will go straight to drama!

Tips to earn more money in Jurassic World Evolution :

Every time you do an expedition around the world, you collect fossils. If you recover a fossil from an already 100% scanned genome, then sell that fossil to get a few extra bills. You will obtain from your expeditions certain fossils that you will be able to sell very expensive and which do not contain a particular genome, sell them, they are useful for nothing else.

Instead of letting an old age dinosaur die in your park in front of your visitors, anticipate its life expectancy and sell it before it gives its last breath. It’ll get you a few extra tickets and save you money!


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