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Guide Fortnite challenge week 3 of season 4 where to find all the ducks (Rubber Duckies)


This week, Fortnite players must go duck hunting… If you have the fourth season battle pass of Fortnite Battle Royale, you’ll have to check on all the map for little yellow plastic ducks.

Good news, the little guys make a little noise when you pass by them to make their locations easier. If you have trouble collecting them, you will find on our page a map with the location of all the yellow ducks to find. You will need to find 10 of these plastic ducks, know that there are many more scattered on the map, but only 10 are enough to validate the challenge.

Here is the list of the Rubber Duckies :

You can help yourself from MAP at the end of the article to better locate plastic ducks. You will also find the details below of each position of the ducks. Good research !

→ You will find a plastic duck to the right of Anarchy Acres under the bridge.

→ You will find another plastic duck north of Anarchy Acres near the waterfall.

→ A plastic duck is located south of Fatal Fields in the small water lake.

→ To the left of Lucky Landing town, there is a bridge, you will find a new plastic duck under the bridge.

→ South of the town of Lucky Landing, you will find another duck at the end of the map near the waterfall.

→ Outside the Flush Factory factory, you will find a plastic duck next to the no dancing sign.

→ North of the Flush Factory, you will find a duck on a small hill in an abandoned toilet in the middle of nature.

→ At Greasy Grove, you will find the duck behind a brick wall near an iron fence.

→ Two ducks are to be recovered at Moisty Mire, one is near the cabin and bridge in the swamps and the other is further south in the swamps almost at the end on the map.

→ Just above Lonely Lodge, there is a plastic duck against the cliff face.

→ A little south of the Lonely Lodge area you will find a yellow duck in the hollow of the cliff near the water stream.

→ At Snobby Shores, you can pick up a plastic duck in the pool in the house just south of the area.

→ At Loot Lake, there is a duck in the water towards the dock at the top right of the lake between the dock and the small white boat.

→ South of Loot Lake toward the waterfall, another yellow duck awaits you.

→ At the motel, you’ll find a duck in the middle of the garbage in the dry pool.

Fortnite duck map locations (challenge week 3 of season 4) :



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