How to evolve your Pokemon in the Pokemon Rumble Rush application


In Pokemon Rumble Rumble Rush, you have the ability to capture all kinds of Pokemon from different generations of the license. Move forward and hit the wild bugs you encounter on the way and if one of them falls to the ground and materializes as a kind of figure, it’s won, you’ve captured it! 

However, is it at least possible to evolve your creatures in Pokemon Rumble Rumble Rush ? Let’s say, you get a Pikachu, is it possible to transform it into a Raichu for example? The game includes a lot of features that allow you to expand the stats of the Pokémon you capture… 

Can Pokémon be evolved in Pokemon Rumble Rumble Rush ?

Pokemon Rumble Rush is very different from other Pokémon games, including the main series that has emerged on the different Nintendo systems over the decades. This means that Rumble Rush does not need some of the basic mechanisms such as the ability to evolve its creatures after capture. So, no, you can’t evolve your Pokémon when you play Pokemon Rumble Rumble Rush.

If you want to get a Pokémon in a particular state of evolution, you simply have to capture it. To do this, use your exploration feathers to target the one you are looking for.


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