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Challenge Fortnite how to obtain Floating Lightning Bolts (season 5 week 1)


Now that Season 5 has been launched in Fortnite Battle Royale, players can enjoy a whole new list of challenges with the new Battle Pass. A 100-tier battle pass to unlock for multiple rewards. And for that first week, players will have to find Floatings Lightning Bolts. If you are not sure what you need to do for this challenge, we will explain what these famous lightning bolts correspond to.

To find them, you will have to look up, because yes these floatings lightning tend to appear a few meters from the ground, so think of looking at the sky! We have set up a map at the end of the article with the location of all the Floating Lightning Bolts that you can find by browsing the new Fortnite Season 5 Map.

Week 1 Challenge (season 5) where the Floating Lightning Bolts are located (list of locations) :

Here is a list of places where you will find these famous floating lightning bolts, you don’t need to find them all, you only need 7 to validate the challenge. If the description is not always clear, you can consult the map at the end of the page.

  • A lightning bolt is in Greasy Grove near the restaurant Durrr Burger.
  • Look for the lightning bolt over the new trees near the center of Dusty Divot.
  • Above the west dock on Loot Lake is a lightning bolt.
  • A floating lightning bolts is located northeast of Lucky Landing just before reaching the desert area.
  • South of the dance hall in the nameless area, you find a lightning bolt.
  • Between the mountain peaks near Haunted Hills, there is a floating lightning bolts.
  • Between the houses at the west end of Retail Row, another of these floating lightning bolts awaits you.
  • West of Tomato Town, there’s another one over the river.
  • Still towards Tomato Town, there’s a lightning bolt over the cliff.
  • At Junk Junction there’s a lightning bolt floating over car wrecks.
  • Above the motel west of Lazy Links, there’s another lightning bolt waiting for you.
  • You’ll find another one in Paradise Palms near the west buildings.
  • In the center of the inclined towers, at the level of the lightning rods there is a flying lightning bolt.
  • Above the north end of Salty Springs is a lightning bolt.

Map with location of Fortnite floating lightning bolts :



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