Guide Dragon Ball Legends wishes list Shenron dragon event which one to choose


The Dragon Ball Legends mobile application is currently celebrating its first year. To mark the moment, an event is currently underway to summon the Shenron dragon to make a wish. If you are looking for the list of wishes you can make by participating in Dragon Ball Legends’ « Dragon Ball Hunt » event, we suggest you find them all in the following. You will see that they are not all equal, knowing that you are only making one wish once the dragon has been invoked.

☆ Note – If you don’t know how to invoke the Shenron dragon in the Dragon Ball Legends application, you will find a short guide right here : Guide Dragon Ball Legend friend codes and QR codes how to summon Shenron dragon.

What is the list of wishes (rewards) of the Dragon Ball Legends dragon Shenron ?

Below, you will find the complete list of wishes you can make once you have collected all the dragon balls and invoked the dragon. Note that the first wish is a « fake », if you choose it the game will ask you to select something else.

  • Wish 1 – Makes me the world’s strongest fighter.
  • Wish 2 – give me a ton of Zeni (X100,000,000).
  • Wish 3 – give me a ton of energy tickets (X30).
  • Wish 4 – give me the Gentlemen’s magazine (X1).
  • Wish 5 – give me a ton of Chrono Crystal (X1000).

From our point of view, if you have a wish to choose, prefer to take the energy tickets which will be much more useful than the rest! Although the crystals are not bad at all either. It’s up to you when you face the dragon.



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