jeudi, septembre 29

Is it possible to play Blood & Truth with the Playstation VR’s Aim Controller ?


At the end of May 2019, the new exclusivity of the Playstation VR signed by the teams of SIE London Studio was released. Blood & Truth puts you in the role of Ryan Marks in a first-person shooter that is not without reminding London Heist who was a little technical demo of the Playstation VR a few years ago at the helmet’s release.

With Blood & Truth we now have a complete experience with a multi-hour campaign and a few bonus modes that boost the lifetime of the title. But what we are interested in today is whether Blood & Truth is compatible with the Aim Controller of the Playstation VR?

The answer will certainly disappoint you, but no… As practical as it is, Farpoint’s Aim Controller is not compatible with SIE London Studio’s new game. For the good reason that the Blood & Truth experience was designed for the use of two PS Moves, allowing independent control of the character’s two arms in the game. 


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