dimanche, décembre 4

Apex Legends season 1 the wait will still be long, the battle pass is not ready


The Apex Legends players are still waiting for the release of season 1 and the first battle pass… A disappointment for some who let it be known on an official « stream » of the game broadcast recently where we finally saw two players play a few matches… Many sites and other « leakers » had indicated that all this would be official on 12 March 2019, and this during some weeks. 

So obviously it raised the general hype unnecessarily. And as expected, there was no concrete announcement, which is quite understandable when you know that EA/Respawn never said they had anything to show at that time.

No ranking, no battle pass, no new elements to unlock and no new characters in sight… Although for this last point, it could happen very quickly and this time it’s the Respawn teams who say it! Faced to the general frustration, they tried a dame control by publishing a press release or they indicate that the leaks that appear on the web should not be blindly believed and that they are only speculations. 

They continue by indicating that things coming, that the battle pass is coming along and that a new legend (a new character) is ready… But it’s not for today or tomorrow! When all this is released, an official date will be announced in advance to prepare the players.

☆ Note that we already know the price of the battle pass and who will be the first new playable character in Apex Legends. We were telling you about it recently in a previous article with an image that appeared on the Origin (EA) page of the game before being deleted a few minutes later. You can find the information here : Apex Legends the price of the battle pass and the Octane character confirmed.



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