Tuesday, September 24

Fortnite Battle Royale there will be no more X-4 Aquilon planes for season 8 ?


In a question and answer session, Epic Games teams half confirmed that the X-4 Aquilon aircraft could be removed from the game for season 8. This gives players more than a few hours to enjoy these flying machines that allow them to cover long distances in a very short time.

As a reminder, the introduction of these transport vehicles had been the subject of strong criticism from players who have consistently requested the removal of the X-4 Aquilon since the beginning of season 7. A news and a choice of Epic Games teams that could satisfy the whole community that wants to return to the fundamentals of the “Battle Royale” games. 

Let’s just hope that the Epic Games developers don’t have any plans to replace the X-4 Aquilon aircraft with another even more criticized means of transportation. Answer in a few hours for the end of season 7 and the official start of season 8 !


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