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Where is Apex Legends with anti-cheat measures and crash / lag resolution ?


Respawn teams have been working hard to improve Apex Legends since its launch about a month ago while focusing on the upcoming deployment of the first season with the introduction of a « battle pass » that should add all kinds of rewards to the image of Fortnite and other « Battle Royale » games. But for now, priority is given to the upcoming changes in Apex Legends and in particular to the actions taken by the Respawn teams regarding cheaters, game crashes and lags. If you are unhappy with all these aspects of the game, be aware that the developers are working on it to improve everyone’s experience.

What measures for Apex Legends cheats ?

It is a scourge and not only for Apex Legends players… Cheaters are everywhere and as soon as a game offers a « competitive » aspect you can be sure to find yourself at one time or another facing a cheater and especially if you play on a PC… Know that Apex Legends already uses an anti-cheat system that is called « Easy-Anti-Cheat » and which has banned nearly 350,000 cheats discovered in Apex Legends to date. Unfortunately, this is not enough and there are many players reporting on this subject with videos supporting it with cheaters in action.

→ To cut this phenomenon, the Respawn teams want to set up :

  • a PC report function that will allow you to report potential cheaters
  • The implementation of a dedicated anti-cheating team to track down players who use third-party programs
  • Work with experts inside or outside EA to better understand how to detect cheating programs.

Crashes, lags and reconnection system :

Among the main problems of Apex Legends, we often find crashes or disconnections of servers and severe lags at the beginning of the matches… The players proposed a system of reconnection to a current game during a disconnection, here is what the Respawn teams who work on the game say.

→ About crashes / disconnections :

Cheating is not the only problem that affects Apex Legends… The game suffers from various crashes and disconnection especially on PC. Please note that Respawn teams are working on this, as they have announced that they will be working closely with AMD and Nvidia to better understand how crashes occur in the game. A patch should soon arrive to solve these problems with a system that will again alert developers when you are disconnected from the servers.

→ About slowness / lags :

Concerning slowness, you must have been a victim of lags at the beginning of matches… your character runs slowly, you have trouble picking up items and other slowness, it’s not a problem with your internet connection, but a problem with the Apex Legends servers. Once again, the game teams are looking to implement measures to solve this problem, but it is obviously not with additional or better servers that things will change according to their statements. No solution has been found for this phenomenon yet, but they will notify players as soon as they have found a way to improve the experience at the beginning of the game.

→ About a reconnection system after a disconnection :

For suggestions of a reconnection system after a server disconnection, the developers are simply not in favor. They believe that some players may abuse this system and they prefer to focus their resources on solving other game issues.


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