dimanche, décembre 4

A new anti construction weapon in Fortnite season 8, the Pirate Cannon


Fortnite’s new season has just arrived and with it a brand new item, the pirate cannon! A devastating new weapon that will allow you to smash other players’ buildings to pieces. But not only that, since you will be able to shoot straight at your enemies to inflict heavy damage. The guns are scattered throughout the new map of Fortnite.

How the pirate cannon works – season 8 of Fortnite :

The pirate cannon offers you several possibilities… Here’s what you need to know about it !

  • You can turn it, aim and shoot in a direction of your choice.
  • The gun can propel you, get in there and… Enjoy !
  • The gun fires long distances and can cross several objects.
  • It inflicts 100 points of damage in direct fire
  • It inflicts 50 damage points on enemies in its radius.

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