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Wiki Conan Exiles how to get steel and make steel bars


Once you have reached a certain level in Conan Exiles, you will have to get steel and especially make steel bars… But with all the recipes in the game, the manufacturing workshops and the resources to harvest it can be difficult to know how to get steel and how to make it.

If you don’t know how, that’s mainly the purpose of this page, to teach you how steel works in Conan Exiles. With steel you can make powerful weapons and armor and you can even get hardened steel bar !

How to get steel in Conan Exiles :

Steel is not a material you can find naturally in the game environment. No, to obtain steel you will have to obtain steelfires that can be obtained with tar and brimstone.

The only way to get tar is to use the tannery, it is one of the game workshops that you will unlock in your character’s skill menu. To make tar with tannery, you just have to transform the hides / skins you collect on creatures / animals / humans in order to transform them into leather. Each time you turn a skin into hide / leather, then the tannery will generate tar at the same time.

To collect brimstone, you have to go to certain parts of the world map. We recommend the desert to the west which is one of the areas richest in brimstone. For more information on the exact location, see this page : Guide Conan Exiles how to get brimstone (where to find it on the map).

Once you have obtained tar and brimstone, use the game’s crafting system to create the firebowl cauldron where you will place your tar and brimstone to make steelfire.

You need 1 piece of brimstone, 2 tars and fuel (wood, coal or branch) to make 1 steelfire.

How to make steel bars in Conan Exiles :

Once you have your steelfire, place it in your furnace with iron rods in addition to the fuel. It will take 20 seconds for the furnace to produce a steel bar. It will take 5 iron bars and 1 steelfire to create a steel bar. If you need more information about iron in Conan Exiles, you can visit our dedicated page here : How to get and where to find iron (iron stones) in Conan Exiles.

How to get hardened steel bar in Conan Exiles :

To go even further, know that from the steel bars you can get an even more powerful resource, the hardened steel bar that you can get in the furnace with two steel bars and a piece of brimstone. Hardened steel bar (steel ingot of adamandine strength) will give you even more powerful equipment and weapons in Conan Exiles.


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