mercredi, septembre 28

Fortnite a temporary mode for the meteorite event that will destroy Tilted Towers ?


The rumours are endless as regards the famous meteorite visible in the sky of Fortnite and which fascinates the players of the whole world. Maybe nothing was originally planned by the Epic Games teams and that the developers had just jumped on the news of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1 which crashed recently on earth in the form of an easter-egg in the game… But faced with the excitement and the extent of the information, they certainly no longer have the choice to really put an event in place to put an end to all the theories about the comet.

And it is in the recent update 3.6 that new information has appeared on this subject in the game and suggests that it will really happen a major event in Fortnite Battle Royale. Signs have been found on the roofs of Tilted Towers leaving clear indications about what will happen next. We told you about it a few hours ago in a previous article that you will find here (if you want to see the signs of the comet) :

Players have taken all this so seriously that they have searched the game files again and it turns out that new meteorite-related files are present and that all this could take the form of a temporary game mode where players will have to survive the fall of the meteorite and smaller meteorites that will hit the entire Fortnite map. Celons files, meteors can hit map elements like cars, trees, houses and even cause destruction.

It remains to be seen when all this will take shape, if it marks the end of season 3, the beginning of season 4 with the total reset / reboot of the Fortnite PvP card as we know it… A case to follow !


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