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What’s the dwarves’ mark on the Leviathan axe in God of War used for ?


On your journey to the lands of Midgard and the other realms of God of War, you will meet the dwarves Brok and Sindri. Each meeting will give rise to a sequence to determine which of the two dwarves works best. They will ask Kratos regularly to show them his Leviathan axe to attach a seal… It is enough that they touch the axe and put a small blow of hammer on it to see appear at the bottom of the screen « mark of the dwarves » obtained.

What’s the mark of Brok and Sindri’s dwarves for in God of War ?

Unfortunately, the game does not clearly mention the importance of the dwarves’ mark and Brok and Sindri do not explain exactly what this mark is for. The answer is actually quite simple, just open your menu and go to the « resources » tab, then switch the type of resources with the directional arrows on your controller to view the list of special Items. 

You will be able to find there the mark of the dwarves which is used in reality to increase the statistics « Runic » of Kratos in a permanent way. The dwarves will add 4 marks to the Leviathan axe which means you will get +4 permanent points on your « Runic » statistic.


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