samedi, février 4

Fortnite : New evidence shows that the comet / meteor will hit Tilted Towers


With the latest patch update, Epic Games teams have added new evidence in connection with the crazy theory that a comet / meteor will strike the town of Tilted Towers. We’re not going to tell you again why and how, but if you are curious about this theory which is growing more and more in the Fortnite community, we invite you to consult this section :

Now it remains to be seen whether Fortnite’s teams aren’t playing this theory to confuse the players. Anyway, they left new indications with the last update of the game and it’s happening on the rooftops of the city of Tilted Towers or you can see several signs clearly indicating the imminent arrival of a meteor on the city that will destroy her. There are three panels, one showing a meteor that is approaching, another showing him a heart with a drawing of Tilted Towers and the last panel says, it’s not today it’s for tomorrow ! 

It remains to be seen if the Epic Games teams will really destroy Tilted Towers and leave the players a ruin field instead, if the city will simply be removed from the Battle Royale map or if it has anything to do with the upcoming season 4 of the game.


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