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Final Fantasy 7 Remake scenario, fights, content what you need to know


Since the announcement of the release for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, Square-Enix teams have accelerated communication around the game and, above all, the project’s leaders have been providing all kinds of information on content, gameplay mechanics, lifespan, etc.

We propose you to find here three big informations about the remake of FF7, the first part of which will arrive in March 2020 on PS4 and will be on two Blu-Rays. You will discover indications about the passage where Cloud is disguised, the black mist which is a new danger hanging over the group or even information about the fighting.

Info 1 – The remake of FF7 will avoid the Honey Bee’s embarrassment :

The moment of the game in the slums of Midgar where Cloud must disguise himself as a woman will always be present. Nevertheless, in view of the previous scenes of the Honey Bee club (the original version), the Square Enix teams decided to modernize things. According to their statements, there would be a real embarrassment if they had reproduced the scenes of this place in the same way. For those who have never made the original version of FF7, Honey Bee Hotel is a place in Midgar Sector 6 and a brothel where girls wear bee clothes. 

For example, after visiting a certain room in the brothel, the player could be makeup by a girl in the dressing rooms, while another room filled with bodybuilt men made it possible to obtain a Bikini after a very uncomfortable scene. In the remake, things should be quite different although Cloud will again put on his young woman’s costume in order to infiltrate Don Corneo’s home.

Info 2 – Two Blu-ray, because a lot of additions in addition to a new enemy :

As the teams working on the game have indicated, the choice to put the first part of the game on Two Blu-ray is not insignificant. This is simply due to Midgar’s density and the new content they have added. The remake of Final Fantasy 7 will cover the entire passage on Midgar in the original, except that in the 97 version the player finished this section in 7 hours maximum… 

In the remake, it will be much longer since all Midgar content should take at least 30 hours. In addition to adding quests and new places, new things are added to the original story, especially with the presence of the sentinels of fate who are represented by a black mist and visible in the latest trailer of the game where we see Aeris terrified in front of them. These mysterious entities will appear wherever the Cloud team goes. Nevertheless, despite the new scenario elements, the new places / sectors of Midgar to visit, the main plot will remain the same.

Info 3 – Fights that mix the elements of an action game and those of the turn by turn battle system :

If you were afraid that the very essence of the game would be ruined by actions fights, know that the remake of FF7 offers a mix between an action game and turn-based fighting mechanics. It is a modern vision of the RPG. There is an ATB gauge that prevents the player from stuffing the attacks, which means that the controlled character must be switched in turn. Similarly, when the player chooses an item or magic, the action slows down to allow you to choose what to do at that moment as in a classic RPG. Note that magic requires an MP gauge and that reloading this gauge is done well with items. Similarly, the limits that allowed large attacks to be thrown in the original will always be present and faithfully transcribed.


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