Release of Dr. Mario World on iOS and Android (APK download)


Nintendo has just announced the release of Dr Mario World for iOS and Android devices. In this revisited classic games and free to play, Mario puts on his doctor’s coat again in order to eliminate some nasty viruses. Like a Tetris, the player must place capsules on the screen and form identical colors to get rid of these small animals with multiple appearances.

Several issues will arise as the user completes the levels. In the end, it will take a lot of brainpower to get rid of the viral invasion because of the increasingly complicated scenes and the obstacles that will arise between Mario and the colored viruses.

No less than five worlds will be available at the launch of the application (including dozens of levels each) with the ability to compete with friends in battle mode. Additional content is already planned as Nintendo has announced that other worlds will appear after the game is launched on Google Play and the App Store.

Mario is not the only one who can wear a white doctor’s coat, as other characters will be joining the party, including Peach, Toad and Luigi. If Dr Mario World has piqued your curiosity, you should know that it will be available for download as of July 10, 2019.


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