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Far Cry 5 the best tips and tricks to show Eden Gate that the god is you !


Father Joseph and the cult Eden’s Gate will always hunt you down as you travel the Hope County lands. If you want to keep order and show the crazy people of the cult that you are not afraid, it is better to be prepared and know two or three little tricks that can save you between two shootings.

On this page we’ve put together the best tips and tricks from Far Cry 5.  You will discover 10 things to put into practice in the game that will be useful to you one day. Prepare a coffee, a hot chocolate, see what we have to offer and let’s kick the ass at the cult of Far Cry 5.

All the best tips and tricks from Far Cry 5 to get pay to Joseph and his cult !

→ Tip 1 – where to go after the tutorial area of the Dutch’s Island :

Once you have liberated Dutch’s Island (the tutorial area), the game will literally abandon you in the middle of all the areas managed by the Seed family. If you don’t listen to Dutch’s radio indications that the west is safer, you may find yourself in a difficult area and you’ll shit some blood… But for real ! If you want some advice, start by visiting the John Seed, Holland Valley area to the left of the map which is the easiest place in the game to start the adventure safely. You can meet many key characters and recruit some very useful experts quickly like Boomer the dog.

→ Tip 2 – liberate all the hostages you meet, talk to everyone and search everything !

At first, you will be afraid for the lifetime of Far Cry 5… When you arrive in the John area, you will see two or three things here and no more… But to discover all the content that Far Cry 5 can offer, you will have to search the environment, the houses, the sheds and all the places that could hide something. It is not uncommon to find a map on a table by chance. These maps allow you to add new points of interest in the area you are visiting.

Even better, help survivors by rescuing hostages from the cult or by liberating outposts. You will meet many characters ready to help you by giving you essential information about other people who need you, treasure hiding places, hunting places and many others.

The more you pay attention to what is around you, the more Far Cry 5 will show you its potential.

→ Tip 3 – Collect all types of weapons you can find on the ground :

If you visit the various stores in Hope County, you will see many guns at buy or unlock. Don’t waste the dollars you’ve earned to purchase a weapon you can find otherwise ! Indeed, when you kill a soldier collect his weapon, collect some also on the dead bodies or those put against the bars. All the weapons you collect become available in the game’s stores without you having to pay a dollar to get them.

Yes, when you find a weapon in Far Cry 5, it is acquired even if you change weapon after. All you have to do is go to a store in the area you are visiting to put the weapon back in your equipment wheel, free of charge ! This is true for bows, flame guns, assault rifles, shotguns and even works with objects like fishing rods.

So, don’t forget, only buy the equipment you’re sure you can’t get in any other way than through one of the game’s stores !

→ Tip 4 – collect as many perk points as you can !

There are multiple ways to earn perk points in Far Cry 5, you know those points that allow you to unlock tons of skills for your character. The more perk points you earn, the better prepared you will be to face the other regions of the game. To earn perk points, you can complete the challenges listed in the tab of the same name in the main menu of Far Cry 5, you can also collect perk points magazines, you will find multiple in the prepper stash.


In addition, you can also collect several of them by playing Far Cry Arcade, participate in multiplayer games online, play on solo or co-op maps and most of all play maps created by the community to win double XP points, which will allow you to move up your rank in Far Cry Arcade more quickly and win a large number of perk points !

→ Tip 5 – unlock the skill perks of the locksmith and the harvest master first !

Two skills must attract your attention in the five perks trees of Far Cry 5. The locksmith’s skill and the harvest master. Let us explain, the locksmith skill that is available in the « Assassin » perk tree will quickly become indispensable when you take control of important and highly guarded locations in Hope County. This skill will allow you to open any locked door and force the safes without making any noise. Opening these doors or these treasure chests is a good way to get materials to craft items and to fill your pockets… Might as well do it without using explosives to avoid being spotted by the crazy guys of Eden’s Gate.

→ Tip 6 – Don’t make the side quests your priority :

We need to tell you something, it’s urgent and maybe we should have put this trick first… Don’t finish the secondary quests of a region before you’ve done the main quests ! We don’t know if this is a Ubisoft mistake, but if you kill the boss of a region then some main quests will become unreachable until the end of the adventure. Worse still, those that you have activated and that you have not finished will simply be validated by the game without giving you time to think about whether or not to do them.

Don’t mount your RP gauge too quickly in the zones by doing extra stuff, save it for later and make the main missions of the game a priority so you don’t miss anything… You never know, it could block some trophies / achievements. Let’s hope this is all a mistake and the Ubisot teams fix it !

→ Tip 7 – Boom! explode everything, take a good look around you :

You had decided to do this outpost in stealth mode, but no luck things did not go as they should… Here the alarm sounds and guys from the sect arrive from everywhere… It’s panic, you must react quickly…

It’s a good thing, these andouilles (IA Ubisoft oblige) parked like losers next to this red thing that explodes. Shoot it and make a nice bunch of enemies. Never forget in far Cry 5 that most red objects can explode if you shoot them, and this applies to vehicles or containers with a « flammable warning » symbol written on them.

→ Tip 8 – upgrade and customize your weapons with accessories :

Well, you just bought this superb prestige AR-C  » Stars ’N Stripes  » weapon and you are all happy to shoot your first fanatics with it. Wait! Wait! It would be even better with a little customization. Once you buy or find a weapon in Far Cry 5, go to a shop and select the weapon to be able to equip all kinds of accessories that will allow you to increase your accuracy or to make you more discreet with a suppressor cylinder equipped.

In addition, you can also view your weapons and equipment in detail to find out what types of bullets you can use, what bait you can hang on your fishing rod and many other things that will make your life easier and help you better understand how your equipment works.


→ Tip 9 – Hunting and fishing popular and lucrative activities :

The best way to get a max of money in Far Cry 5 is to go throw your line on the river between two shootings to catch some fish or kill those damn animals while hunting. No, but you’ve seen these bugs, they’re at best drugged or enraged, someone has to do something. And that’s good, you’re here to clean up !… Reselling the skin of these animals will allow you to pay for the best plane in the game, the best weapon or the best car.


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