dimanche, janvier 29

Far Cry 5 list and location of all outposts to be recovered in Hope County


In Far Cry 5, you will have to recover several outposts controlled by Joseph’s cult. The recovery of outposts is something essential to help the resistance regain control of Hope County. There are them all around the game MAP, whether in John, Faith or Jacob’s region. There are a total of 21 outposts to recover in Far Cry 5. Note that by making outposts without being spotted or triggering any alarms, you will get a bonus between $600 and $1000 each time.

And if you’re wondering if you can reset the outposts you couldn’t recover without being spotted, the answer is YES. But before that, you’ll have to free the game’s 21 outposts. Then, you must go to the game menu by pressing the start/option button and choose « outpost master ». You will then be able to try again / reset the outpost of your choice by handing it over as  » offensive «  which means that the cult will be back on the site as if you had not yet delivered the outpost in question.

Map of Far Cry 5 with the location of all outposts :



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