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Glitch Far Cry 5 How to Easily Get Unlimited Money


We offer you through this page to discover a Far Cry 5 glitch that will allow you to get all the money you want in the game to buy all the cars, planes, boats, weapons or clothes / outfits for your character.

This glitch completely breaks the progression since you will be able to buy everything very quickly, so you use this glitch well aware of the facts. You just need to have finished the starting island, the small tutorial area of Dutch’s Island. To get unlimited money in Far Cry 5 there are also small requirements, install yourself and keep reading and we explain everything !

Best glitch Far Cry 5 how to get a quick money :

First thing to do is unlock a skill in the perks tree menu. You must obtain the skill « Journey Pack », you can unlock this skill with seven perks points. Once the skill is unlocked, you can store more items in your inventory, including carrying more animal skins at once.


Then you must go to the Faith’s region which is on the right on the MAP of Far Cry 5. A little to the north, you will find an area where hunting is very profitable. Indeed, animals pop to infinity in the area. Chances are it’s an unexpected glitch by the game developers, so maybe a patch will be deployed in the coming days or weeks.

But for now, if you want to break the game and get easy money and unlimited, go to the area indicate below, and kill the bisons and jaguars that appear in the area to collect their skins that you can sell for good money. Note that it is recommended to have a good sniper rifle to hunt animals faster.

In this area, you will get in a few minutes 10 cougars skins, 10 bisons skins that you can resell in the nearest store. Then return on a quick voyage to the raptor peak location and collect animal skins again from the cougars and bisons that appear endlessly.


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