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Guide Side Quest Golden Age Nostalgia of Far Cry 5 – Where are located the comic books ?


If you’ve started Far Cry 5’s Golden Age Nostalgia side quest, you’ll have to search the entire Hope County for collectible comics for Nadine. If you haven’t met her yet, you can meet Nadine in the John Seed region between Fall’s End and Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. She’ll ask you to get a number of her grandfather’s comic books.

Even if the quest begins in the John to Holland Valley region, this does not mean that the comics are only located in this region. To collect all the comics, you will also have to travel through the regions of Faith or Jacob. In any case, comic books are not complicated to find, they can be placed on the floor, a table or a bed.

Consult the map below to find Nadine’s 12 comic books in Far Cry 5 :

The map will show you the exact location of all comics to collect. Note that you can get in-game information of the position of these comics by purchasing from a shop the map of Nadine’s comic books, their locations will then appear on your Far Cry 5 MAP.



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