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Solution No Man’s Sky Next how to get or create antimatter


When playing No Man’s Sky Next, you will quickly face a big problem… The antimatter and its container! If you block on this part of the game, we will detail everything you need to know about it here. Where to find antimatter, how to get the recipe and how to create the housing for the antimatter ? 

Everything you need to know about antimatter will be crucial for your galactic journey to run smoothly… And things will soon become urgent once you get your first hyperdrive on your ship and especially when you need your first warp cells to travel even further into the universe. Because yes, to create warp cells in No Man’s Sky Next you will need to have antimatter with you. Follow the guide, and everything will be fine !

Where to find antimatter in No Man’s Sky Next :

There are three ways to get antimatter in No Man’s Sky’s « Next » update. If you start the game, we recommend the first method, while if you take over an existing save you can use the second method. The third will require you to have the antimatter recipe with you… Unfortunately, this will only be possible when you have made your first warp jump to another solar system.

→ First method to obtain antimatter and the recipe for the housing :

To get antimatter, advance through history until you get your first hyperdrive. From there, the game will let you know that you will find the answer among the stars, then you just go into space and look for the signals when the game invites you. From this point, an abnormal signal will appear on one of the planets of the system, go there to find an abandoned building surrounded by purple eggs or you will find a terminal that will allow you to get your first piece of antimatter in addition to the recipe to create an antimatter housing. Might as well warn you, it’s a bad idea to touch the eggs that are outside the building… No… Really… You’ve been warned.

→ Second method for obtaining antimatter and the recipe for the housing :

If you haven’t followed the story from the beginning by taking over an existing save game, know that you can get antimatter through galactic trading terminals. You will find them in the outposts of the game that are usually located in space stations.

→ Third method using the antimatter recipe :

The third method requires that you have the antimatter recipe on you, we are not talking about the recipe for the container, but the antimatter recipe itself. This recipe can only be obtained when you have made your first warp to a new solar system. This means that you must have gone through one of the two methods above to make a super galactic jump.

After doing a warp jump, you will see a new landmark on your HUD, it is a mini-space station where you can meet an alien life form that will give you the recipe for antimatter.

You will thus be able to create anti matter by using 25 pieces of chromatic metal and 20 pieces of condensed carbon. Condensed carbon is simple to obtain, it is a source of all plant life in No Man’s Sky so you will find it without any problem. If you don’t know how to do for Chromatic Metal, simply follow our guide at this address : Guide No Man’s Sky Next How to Get Chromatic Metal.


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