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Kingdom Hearts 3 where are located the seven Flantastics missions and how to get the highest score


Every time you finish a world from the Disney universe in Kingdom Hearts 3, a new and special monster will appear on your next visit. These monsters are called « Flantastics », they are classified as heartless except that there is no need to fight them directly. Each time you find one, you will have to play a mini-game and score as many points as possible to meet its requirements. 

It can be things like that, bouncing off as many flans as possible without falling, taking pictures at the right time and other activities that you will discover when you go to meet the seven Flantastics. Of course, there will be rewards such as unique cooking ingredients, extra skills for Sora and even a piece of Orichalcum+  if you’re good enough. Finally, if you are a trophy hunter / achievement you will unlock « Flanmeister » which consists in completing all the missions of the seven Flantastics.

☆ The Flantastics missions will allow you to get unique cooking ingredients, note that you can also consult the complete list of Kingdom Hearts 3 ingredients for cooking at this address : Guide Kingdom Hearts 3 – where to find all the ingredients for cooking recipes.

Kingdom Hearts 3- Locations of seven Flantastics missions :

Before revealing the list of locations and giving you some tips to get at the best high score possible, we need to clarify a few things for you. To obtain the Orichalcum+ fragment it will not be enough to find the Flantastics, you must absolutely get best high score as possible each time to satisfy their requirements. If a Flantastic is not happy, he will raise his arms, if he is moderately satisfied then he will applaud, if on the other hand you have totally satisfied him he will jump with joy.

  • He’s not happy = No reward.
  • He applauds you = You win a cooking ingredient (fruit).
  • He jumps with joy = You get three cooking ingredients and a special skill.

★ Note : For each of the mini-games, you will need to score at least 20,000 points to fully meet the requirements of the 7 Flantastics. You must therefore score at least 20,000 points on each Flantastic challenge to get a piece of Orichalcum+ as a reward.

→ Location of the cherry flan :

You will find this first member of the Flantastic gang at the Olympus World in the Overlook area. Teleport to Overlook’s save point, climb to the top of the stairs and you will see your first Flantastic, the cherry flan.

Goal of the game : This is a variation of the special trio Goofy’s shield attack, you must follow a course traced while being on Goofy’s shield and collect as many Flans as possible on your way knowing that collisions on the walls will cost you precious seconds.

★ Tip : When you switch to the direction arrows, do not touch any controls as the arrows will automatically put you on the right way ! If, on the other hand, you try to control the trajectory yourself by passing over an arrow, then you’ll end up in the wall…!

→ Location of the strawberry flan :

This flan awaits you in the rest area of the toy box in the world of Toy Story. Go through the gates of the « Galaxy Toys » shopping centre on the main floor and go to the relaxation area on the first floor (or you can also teleport directly to the area’s save point). You will find the strawberry flan there.

Goal of the game : You just have to form a big tower by hitting the flans around you and being careful not to hit the strawberries. When you hit a strawberry, your tower is reduced, the goal being to hold as long as possible with your flans tower.

★ Tip : You can do a dodge manoeuvre when a strawberry approaches you. Be careful of the shopping centre roof that can break your flans tower. Note that you do not lose your points when you lose flans.

→ Location of the blood orange flan :

The orange blood flan is found in the world of Raiponce (the kingdom of Corona). All you have to do is teleport to the forest area near the Tower of Raiponce and then head for the hills, you will come face to face on the blood orange flan.

Goal of the game : You must take out your Gummiphone and take pictures of the flans. If you observe them well you will see them making particular gestures, you must surprise them in full action to obtain quality photos.

★ Tip : There is no time to succeed in this challenge, just take the best possible picture of the flans scattered all over the area. To make it easier for you, there are three of them trying to catch a butterfly, take your picture at that moment. Another lets animals ride on his body, take the picture when they are in place. There are two flans jumping from a tree, take a picture when they turn into a giant cake. There is another flan in the water that emerges when you are close, take your picture at that moment. At the end of the area there are several flans, wait until they are all aligned and they take the pose together in front of you to take a picture with your Gummiphone.

→ Location of the banana flan :

You will find the banana flan in the world of monsters Inc. (Monstropolis). Teleport to the factory save point in the basement area. In front of you, take the white door and then turn right into the door store. You will see a whole wall with doors, there are two glowing… A red and a brown door, open the one that is brown. Turn around once to the next room area and you will see the banana flan at the back of the room.

Goal of the game : You must destroy as many flans as possible in a limited time without getting trapped by the big flan in the middle.

★ Tip : We recommend that you activate the « Kingsflare » summon link command at the beginning of the game. Simba is so imposing that you can simply crush the flans by walking on them. No need to use the attack commands, just run towards the flans and they will be automatically destroyed. Watch your link gauge and don’t forget to activate the final attack of your invocation for get maximum points. Alternatively, you can also use the devastating Thunder X magic.

→ Location of the grape flan :

In the world of Frozen (the Kingdom of Arendelle), teleport to the Mountain Ridge save point, the mountain crest where the queen’s ice palace is located. Take a look at the Mog shop below, Jump down the hill and you will see the grape flan. 

Goal of the game : It’s about the same as Monstopolis except that there’s no big flan to catch you and the small flan can do magic and disappear if you’re too slow… The goal is to destroy as many as possible within the time limit.

★ Tip : To make the mission of this Flantastique a success, we give you the same tip as for the previous one. Activate Simba’s « Kingsflare » link summon and destroy the flans (be careful you have to use the attack commands this time !). Or else, use the Thunder X spell which will prove very useful to succeed in this Flantastic challenge.

→ Location of the watermelon flan :

In the Caribbean world (Jack Sparrow), teleport to the save point from the royal port to the fort. You will find the watermelon flan in the fort’s courtyard quite simply.

Goal of the game : You must hit the cannons and keep the flans away from the fort. There is sometimes a big fan who appears and gives a lot of points if you manage to destroy him before he disappears.

★ Tip : Wait until you are overwhelmed or a large flan appears on the screen to activate the central bell. Indeed, when you hit the bell all the cannons fire at the same time to destroy several flans at once. If you destroy a large flan, know that all the small ones around it are also destroyed.

→ Location of the honeydew / melon flan :

The last of the Flantastic mission, the melon flan is in the city of San Fransokyo (Big hero 6 World). It is located at the top of one of the buildings in the southern district (near the Tokyo tower)… Be careful, it does not appear in the daytime version of San Fransokyo. You will find it at night in San Fransokyo.

Goal of the game : You must bounce on as many flans as possible without touching the ground and without falling back into the mouth of a flan that will try to ingest you.

★ Tip : Fall back on all the flans one by one and jump on the one that shines when you have made them all, you will jump to another area with other flans. Be careful, reaching a certain point you will jump higher and higher and the fall will be harder to control. Also, be careful with the flans that are in motion, control the trajectory of your fall well and everything should go well !


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