FAQ Detroit Become Human everything you need to know about the new Quantic Dream game


Detroit Become Human arrives very soon, it is the moment to make a summary of all that it is necessary to know on the game. If you still have questions about the new production of the Parisian studio Quantic Dream, you will find the answers here in the form of a big FAQ.

As a reminder, Quantic Dream’s trademark is narrative games that focus on the story with gameplay mechanics that approach the point & click. Things are no different for Detroit Become Human, you follow very closely the story of three protagonists who evolve in a very futuristic universe or you will have to make choices to lead these characters towards their destiny. 

Detroit Become Human – what is the story of the game ?

The game takes place in the Detroit metropolis in 2038 where the machines we know today have given way to intelligent androids whose only aim is to serve humans. Things finally take a rather dramatic turn since some of these androids have managed to overcome their state of simple  » servant  » and exceed their rights inscribed in their programming… Which makes them Deviants !

This is where the player comes in, in Detroit Become Human you follow the story of three android characters with very different paths. 

There’s Connor, a police android whose role is to keep order. Connor mainly serves as a negotiator in the police, his mission is to track down and stop the famous deviants who have discovered emotions that exceed their program. 

In Detroit Become Human, you will also take control of Marcus, a deviant android himself who seeks to free the minds of all Detroit androids. Accompanied by North, Marcus will try by all possible means to open his eyes to his fellow members.

The players also take control of Kara, an android who will mainly serve as a domestic help to a certain Todd and his daughter Alice. Unfortunately, Kara will discover that things are not all pink in this house and her actions will push her to become somehow deviant to ensure young Alice’s safety.

As players, you will have to observe the scenes, find things useful to the androids you control in the environment and make the right choices to lead them to the end of their story. Each character has its own pathways and your choices will lead you to multiple ends. Sometimes good ends, sometimes bad, all your choices will have an impact on the short term or the long term as the story of the three protagonists of Detroit Become Human takes form.

When is Detroit Become Human released ?

The new game by David Cage and Quantic Dream teams will be officially released in stores and on the PlayStation Store as of May 25, 2018.

On which console does the game Detroit Become Human come out ?

This is a PS4 exclusive, the game will be released worldwide on the Sony console on May 25, 2018. If you ask yourself the question, no Detroit Become Human will not release on PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

Is the game optimized for the PS4 pro and is there an HDR mode ?

As is the case with many large productions on Sony consoles, Detroit Become Human will be optimized on the PS4 pro offering better lighting quality and 4K support. However, the game will run at 30 frames per second on either standard PS4 or PS4 pro. 

To enjoy Detroit Become Human’s HDR mode, you must have a supported display whether you are on standard PS4 or Pro, both of which offer HDR functionality as long as a supported display is connected to the console.

Are the dialogues and subtitles of Detroit Become Human in English ?

As was the case with the other Quantic Dream productions, Detroit Become Human will be entirely in English whether it is the subtitles or the dubbing of the dialogues.

Is there a collector edition of the Detroit Become Human game ?

To our knowledge, Sony and Quantic Dream will not release a collector’s edition for the Detroit Become Human game… At least not in Europe or US territory ! However, if you like importing, there is a collector’s edition that will only be sold on Japanese territory.

Do you have to have played Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls to understand Detroit Become Human ?

Each new Quantic Dream game tells a new story which means that the events that took place in Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls have nothing to do with Detroit Become Human. The game has its own universe and story. The only thing that can make you think of the two games mentioned above is the very point & click gameplay. 

Does Detroit Become Human have a multiplayer mode or is it co-op playable ?

Detroit Become Human is a solo experience focused on his story, choosing this game you won’t be able to play with your friends locally or online with other players. Even if Beyond Two Souls offered a cooperative function this is not the case with the new Detroit Become Human.

Are there any DLCs, extensions or Season Pass planned for Detroit Become Human ?

For now, Sony or Quantic Dream have not confirmed the presence of DLC coming with Detroit Become Human and the game does not have Season Pass, which means that the experience offered by David Cage’s game and his teams will be complete.

Does Detroit Become Human have a photo mode ?

There doesn’t seem to be a photo mode in Detroit, but teams in the game might choose to add this mode if fan demand is high.


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