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Conan Exiles everything you need to know for a good beginning and become a true survivor


With Conan Exiles the developers of the game have made the choice to push the survival aspect of the title to the maximum, which means that at no time will the game clearly tell you what to do or how to harvest such or such resources. You start your adventure with nothing at all and it’s up to you to build your own story in the ruthless world of Conan the Barbarian.

If you’re having trouble assimilating the different gameplay mechanics and you don’t really know where to start, this mini-guide is there to help you. It will help you understand how to harvest basic resources like bark, how to obtain stone or to learn how to recover skin and what to do with resources.

We will also see in this article how to create your own house, change its point of reappearance or how to create your first weapons and armor outside the basic armor which offers only a poor protection. To do more Clear, if you are a beginner in survival games, and you are taking your first steps in Conan Exiles, this guide is made for you !

Conan Exiles – How to get a pickaxe and a hatchet and what they are for :

The first tools you’ll need to make in Conan Exiles for your survival are the pickaxe and the hatchet. These survival essentials will allow you to collect many materials like stone or wood. Further on in the adventure, you can collect coal, iron or brimstone using his tools.

It is important to choose the right tools when harvesting resources. For example, it will be quite possible to get stone with a hatchet, but it is a bad idea, because your tool will wear out faster and you will harvest fewer stones than if you had used your pickaxe.

However, there are exceptions to this system… Notably to obtain certain resources such as tree bark.

Conan Exiles – How to get bark from trees :

You can hit the trees with your hatchet, but you will not get bark this way. To obtain it, you must break the rule described in the previous point and use your pickaxe to hit the trees. This will damage the wood you harvest and allow you to obtain bark.

The bark will be used in certain craft recipes of the game and in particular to dry meat, but also to transform the skins that you collect on the corpses into leather or thick leather.

Conan Exiles – how to fill the gauge of thirst and hunger :

The survival of the game depends on water and food, if you can’t find something to drink and eat, you won’t go far the more you start without anything. To find water, it’s simple, open your map and head towards a water point. You will see a long river not far from the desert where you can drink. For food, you can collect insects from bushes, steal eggs from creatures’ nests.

To go further, you can then recover meat from animals, monsters and humans by skinning them with a knife, your pickaxe or your hammer. Do not eat your meats raw, because you will have a food poisoning what will make you lose points of life.

So remember to create a campfire to cook your meats. You will need fuel for your cooking, you can use wood, tree branch and bark that you collected earlier with our guide.

Conan Exiles – How to create your first house / build a shelter :

Conan Exiles is a survival game and like all good games of the same genre, the Funcom title incorporates a complete building system. That means you can create your own homes and shelters. If at the beginning you can only make stone / sandstone houses, you can later make impressive buildings and set traps to protect yourself from the environment and other players.

To make your first constructions in Conan Exiles, there is a requirement. You must use knowledge points to unlock the « Apprentice Mason » skill. Simply open your player menu and go to the skills tab. Once you have used up your knowledge points in the « apprentice mason » category you can begin to create foundations for the floor of your shelter, pieces of walls as well as pieces of ceilings.

Then put the pieces of your future shelter in your shortcut bar / object wheel and start putting them away. Each time you pass a level with your character, you earn knowledge points that you can use in the skill menu to unlock new recipes that will allow you to build better house, weapons and armor. 

Conan Exiles – How to create a weapon and an armor :

To be able to create your first weapons, you just need to spend knowledge points in the « weapons » tab of the skills. You can make yourself a stone sword or a stone skull breaker without even using a workbench as long as you have the right materials on you. Afterwards, you will be able to create a blacksmith’s bench and a gunsmith’s bench that will allow you to obtain powerful weapons and armour. 

To create an armor with the gunsmith shop, you will first need to create padding that is related to the type of armor you want to create. For light armour, you will need light padding, for intermediate armour, intermediate padding and for heavy armour, heavy padding.

Conan Exiles – How to change its point of reappearance :

If you die, you will return to your starting point in the desert. This can become a problem after a while… But if you have built your first house or found your first shelter, know that you can put a bed or a bench on it. Simply create one with the game’s crafting system and place your creation in your shelter/home. This will allow you to reappear in your bench or bed in case of death instead of reappearing in the desert.

If you need more information about the Conan Exiles universe and its gameplay, we strongly recommend consulting our survival guide where you will find 10 tips and tricks on the game available at the following address : Guide Conan Exiles tips and tricks to survive in this world of barbarians !


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