jeudi, septembre 29

Lego the Incredibles cheat codes list (cheats codes)


As with each release of a Lego game, developers thought about adding an option to enter a series of cheat codes to get various privileges. By playing the game Lego the Incredibles you can activate cheats codes that will allow you to unlock certain things faster. This is about unlocking characters, you can play with Edna’s mode (Juniors) and Gamma jack.

Note that you can get other benefits during your adventure by getting red bricks that are hidden at the four corners of the game

How to unlock all characters with cheat codes in Lego the Incredibles :

To activate a cheat code in Lego the Incredibles, simply open the « paused » menu and choose the « enter code » option.

  • Use code BRAB1R to unlock the character Edna Mode (Juniors)
  • Use code G1MHR7 to unlock the Gamma Jack character

Then open the board with the grid of 113 characters from Lego the Incredibles and play instantly with Edna Mode Juniors or Gamma Jack. Note that Gamma Jack will be very useful if you are looking to collect the 120 bricks in order to get all red bricks of the game.


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