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Conan Exiles how to cure / remove corruption and what it is for


You may have already observed this strange phenomenon on your character in Conan Exiles… The message that appears in some places… Gaining corruption or low corruption… But what is the purpose of this corruption in Conan Exiles and what are the immediate and long-term consequences on your character ? 

If you ask yourself all these questions, you will find the answers in the following lines. We explain to you what this famous corruption is used for in Conan Exiles and the methods to protect and remove it… Because yes, the danger is real and if you do nothing the consequences will be devastating !

What is the use of corruption in Conan Exiles ?

Corruption is a curse that materializes in Conan’s universe in the form of a thick purple fog. When you are inside, you can immediately see the message « Gaining corruption » appear at the top left of the screen.

Know that corruption is dangerous and has a real effect on your character. Look at your health and endurance bar, a purple zone has been created ! This means that corruption has a negative effect on your maximum health and stamina. The longer you stay in a corrupt place, the more the purple area on your life bar and endurance gauge will gain ground.

You will not die, but corruption will weaken your character and slowly lead him to a much faster death. That’s right ! Some of your life points will be reduced… Imagine if corruption were to take half your health bar… You’d be in a bad situation especially if you don’t know how to cure it !

How to cure and remove corruption in Conan Exiles :

There are two ways to cure yourself of corruption in Conan Exiles, the first is totally peaceful, but will ask you to travel in some part of the world map. The other method will make a clan of barbarians suffer and you will have to subject a character to slavery.

In any case, the only way to cure the corruption of your character is to watch « dancers », yes it is by watching people dancing that you will be able to fight against corruption and its form of madness in Conan the barbarian. 

Healing corruption method 1:

You will find dancers in the city of the game, head west from the desert after the big red area towards the oasis and the city Sepermeru, the city of relic hunters.

You will find in this city a tavern / pub where you can watch dancers, you will just have to look at them to see the message « loss of corruption » appear on the screen. Take a look at the screenshots below to find out where Sepermeru is. Note that in the tavern, you can talk to Conan the Barbarian.

Healing corruption method 2 : 

The second method involves killing all the barbarians in a camp where there is a dancer and reducing the person to slavery. You will need to have reached level 10 with your character and have unlocked the « slave maker » ability. You will have to make a pain wheel, a Truncheon and Fiber Bindings to drag your slave to the Wheel of Pain. 

Kill all the barbarians around the dancer with your weapon, but don’t hit the dancer with it ! To reduce the person you are targeting to a slave, you must knock him out with your Truncheon and then drag him to your Wheel of Pain.

Conclusion on purple corruption in Conan Exiles :

Now you know what you risk by wandering in a corrupt area of the game and how to cure corruption on your character. Note that the more powerful your equipment is, the more you can fight against the harmful effects of corruption, which will allow you to visit the most corrupt dungeons of Conan Exiles and get valuable treasures.


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