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Sonic Mania Plus Guide How to Activate Debug Mode (Secret Menu)


With Sonic Mania Sega’s programming teams have introduced several cheat and bonus codes for players to have fun with the game in a whole new way. This cheating includes a « Debug Mode » like at the time of Genesis that allows fans of the Blue Hedgehog to choose any level of the game and literally break everything. With the Sonic Mania / Plus Debug Mode you can indeed place any assets items in the scenery, transform Sonic and his friends into rings, unlock Super Sonic, etc.

Many things in this style that you will discover by following this guide. We will show you through this page the conditions you must meet to unlock the Sonic Mania Debug Mode, no matter what platform you are playing on (PS4, Xbox one or Switch).

How to unlock Debug mode in Sonic Mania :

In Sonic Mania, you can enable Debug mode in different ways. By pressing two buttons on the Nintendo side and getting medals on the other supports… we explain !

If you’re on Nintendo Switch, simply press and hold the « B » and « Y » buttons on the game’s title screen. As soon as the game tells you to press a key, simply press the « + » button to access the level selector and sound test. Choose a level from this screen and you will enter Debug Mode which will allow you to break the game literally. Simply open the Debug mode controls with the « X » button on your controller to get all kinds of privileges !

If you’re playing on PS4 or Xbox One, things are quite different because you’ll have to earn your Debug Mode. To unlock it, you will need to collect at least 20 silver medallions to access the privileges of the game. To get these medals, you must complete as many bonus as possible along the way that consists of getting blue spheres.

All you have to do is place yourself on an « No Save Option » from the Sonic Mania / Plus main menu and press the « Triangle » button if you are on PS4 or « Y » if you are on Xbox One. When you are on the Sonic Mania / Sonic Mania Plus secret screen, then simply set the Debug mode to « ON ».

All you have to do is start a new game with the « No Save Option » by pressing the square + X button if you are on PS4 or A + X if you are on Xbox One. Choose the level you want to play in and press « Triangle » if you are on PS4 or Y if you are on Xbox One to activate Debug Mode during the current course and enjoy ! 


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