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Destiny 2 Warmind how to get the exotic sword Worldline Zero


If you’ve embarked on Destiny 2 Warmind, the game’s second expansion, you should know that a certain quest will reward you with a powerful exotic sword. This is the Worldline Zero Sword. One weapon that Destiny fans will certainly want to unlock given its power attack and perks. If you wish to unlock the weapon in your game, follow the instructions below and you will leave with Destiny 2’s Warmind Worldline Zero.

Features of the exotic sword Worldline Zero :

First, let’s talk a bit about the weapon with its statistics and skills. Its intrinsic attribute Tesseract should relatively please you since it allows to realize a powerful attack when you make a blow after a sprint. When you sprint with the weapon in hand, you trigger the time buff sprint that will allow you to teleport and violently hit your enemies with the attribute Tesseract by pressing the key to attack with the sword.

In addition, the Worldline Zero also has these attributes :

  • Tempered Edge : Increased sword damage and ammo.
  • Infinite Guard : Sword Guard has very high efficiency and balanced defense.
  • Assassin’s Blade : Sword kills boost movement speed and damage.
  • Tireless Blade : Powered sword kills grant sword ammo.

How to Get the Exotic Sword Worldline Zero in Destiny 2 Warmind :

To do this, you’ll have to search in the new area of the game, at least the new planet MARS. When opening your map on MARS, you will notice at the bottom right of the screen that there is a total of 45 data to recovered. These are latent memories that are mysterious test nodes that are scattered all across Mars. 

If you were wondering what they’re for, well… You have your answer ! We’ll have to collect a certain number of them to start the quest for the exotic sword. We’ll need 35 latent memories to unlock Anseris’ cache. Once you see the message « Anseris cache unlocked » you just have to go to the Core Terminus located (Lost Sector) at the Braytech Futurescape in the Hellas Basin and search to discover the Anseris cache where you will be rewarded with the exotic Worldline Zero sword.

If you need a guide to find the 35 latent memories that separate you from the sword, see the bellow page that will help you understand what the data to recovered on Mars is for and how it is collected with your weapons.


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