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Fortnite Battle Royale new weapons, llamas and removal of the smoke grenade discover all info !


The next update of Fortnite should arrive in just a few days. A patch which carries the number 3.3.0 and which should include 5 new weapons, llamas, but which will make disappear the smoke grenade ! These data are almost official, some come directly from Epic Games while others have been discovered in the game database.

Fortnite, no more smoke grenades, welcome to gas grenades !

For example, we know that smoke grenades will completely disappear from the Battle Royale mode. Players don’t use them enough and Epic Games believes that their interest in the battlefield is severely limited.

In addition, this smoke grenade could be replaced by a grenade that releases deadly gas. This grenade should produce smoke that will cause damage to people inside. It remains to be determined whether the launcher will be affected by the damage caused by the gas grenade and whether the  » team kill «  is unlikely to come back because of this grenade.

Fortnite’s new features, 5 new weapons may be added to the game :

This data was discovered in the game’s files following the latest update deployed by Epic Games. Five new weapons have been discovered and are highly likely to be added during the next patch of Fortnite Battle Royale.

A new explosive crossbow of purple color was discovered in the files of the game, it would have the particularity to shoot explosive arrows. In other words, if it is implanted in the game, it could damage the buildings of players who build defensive fortress in a matter of seconds !

The data also shows a new scope assault rifle. The gun would be yellow (legendary) and could eventually replace the current rifle with scope already present in the game. This Tactical Assault Rifle includes a better sights and a rifle that fires exclusively in automatic.

A new pump rifle could also be added, the heavy shotgun yellow or purple pump rifle, legendary or epic. According to his description, this new shotgun would have a large magazine and would be ideal for medium-distance combat. Soon the double pump technique with this new heavy shotgun ?

A new close combat weapon was also discovered in the files of Fortnite, the FN P90, a blue weapon of rare type which would have a high rate fires and a consequent magazine.

And finally, Epic Games could introduce a new type of precision rifle called No-Scope Hunting rifle. As its name suggests, this precision rifle would be without a scope ! The weapon will have a special feature since it will allow to hit several enemies at the same time. This means that if one player is hit by the bullet and another player is in the same trajectory of the bullet he will also receive damage. This rifle should be easily found in parts of BR as it is grey (common) in colour.

Llamas on the MAP for weapons and more :

The players of the  » save the world «  mode already know them, the llamas will invade the map of the Battle Royale mode since Epic Games is about to deploy them everywhere in the zone as it is the case with the chests and boxes of ammo. Llamas will be an additional way for players to get all kinds of loots such as weapons, shield potions or care kits to help them prepare a game.


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