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Guide Conan Exiles tips and tricks to survive in this world of barbarians !


In Conan Exiles, you start your adventure as an exile, an outcast. If Conan the barbarian himself had not come down from that cross, you would have ended up dying because of the lack of food and water or killed by the vulture that already felt your carcass rotting under the crushing heat of the sun. 

In order not to miss this chance of survival that Conan offered you, you will have to learn the rules that dominate this world of barbarians, the law of the strongest where the weak have no place. 

People will try to kill you to feed on your flesh, fauna and flora will also be dangers, many creatures are waiting for only one thing, to crush your bones, while flora will at times try to poison you. Every living species is a danger, the environment is a danger ! But if you survive, you will eventually get powerful weapons and armor, build your own city and even take control of huge divine avatars (gods).

To help you do this, we’ve put together 10 tips and tricks that will teach you the basics of survival and that will undeniably be essential during your adventure.

Conan Exiles – 10 tips and tricks to survive in the world of Conan the barbarian :

→ Tip 1 – Survival begins with food and water :

When you start the game, you will have only one Sealed Waterskin for survival, the one Conan gave you. This water bottle will be essential to survive a moment in the desert, but it is better not to stay too long in the corner. We strongly advise you to start by opening your map to see where you are and head to an oasis, where you can fill your gourd with water and steal some eggs from the local creatures to feed yourself. But… beware the barbarians who will try to feed on your flesh. 

On the way to the oasis, do not hesitate to search the large bushes, you will get plant fibers that will later allow you to create twine and you will also sometimes find handfuls of insects. You can eat insects without the risk of poisoning so eat them until you find better… it will allow you to survive longer.

→ Tip 2 – Beware of food poisoning, make your meat leather :

Be careful, when you kill a creature or a barbarian and you collect meat from the body, it is better to cook it before feeding it to your character. All you’re going to win is a nasty food poisoning that will produce the opposite effects of what you expected. Start by building a campfire through the game craft system with branch and stones and add fuel to your meat.

Once the meat is cooked, you can eat it without the risk of intoxication. In addition to raising your hunger gauge, meat will allow you to raise your health points thanks to the « regeneration buff ». Thus, the Savoury Flesh will be transformed into grilled steak and the Feral Flesh will be transformed into Shredded Roast.

Attention, all your meats have a lifespan, if the lifespan of a meat expires, it is transformed into putrid meat. Don’t eat that meat ! Throw it away or put it in your compost pile afterwards when you can make compost.

→ Tip 3 – Endurance this plague… Optimize your stats !


Endurance will be a major problem in this game. The slightest action costs you endurance, and as if that wasn’t enough, the encumbrance of your inventory has a direct effect on your endurance bar… If you have too much on you, you’ll get a travel penalty and your endurance will suffer.

Fortunately, your survivor gains levels as you survive. You gain experience points naturally as a reward for your survival time and at the beginning of the adventure this will allow you to quickly level up… This will allow you to gain attribute points that you can use in your character’s menu.

There are many types of attributes, such as strength, agility, vitality, accuracy, grit, encumbrance or survival. Choose carefully the attributes of your character to increase. We advise you at first to focus on strength, vitality, but especially on the encumbrance that will allow you to carry more things, but also the agility that has a direct effect on your armor and the notch that determines your endurance gauge. Make the right choices, and you can survive longer in this barbaric world. 

→ Tip 4 – Build yourself a Fiber Bedroll or bed :

When you die, you’ll always be teleported into the desert… painful, isn’t it ? Know that you can modify your point of reappearance… For that, it is enough for you to build a bed or a simple fiber bedroll or bed. For the fiber bedroll, all you need to do is collect twine, branch and some plant fibers. Put the bench on the floor and it will serve as a repair point.

You will not reappear in the desert in case of death, but to your bed or bench depending on what you have built. Know that you can only have one reappearing point at a time. If you put down a second mattress or a second bed, the other one will disappear.

→ Tip 5 – Reduce the weight of your armor :

In Conan Exiles, you’ll be able to make hundreds of pieces of armor and weapons that will help you better survive the dangers that lurk in every corner of the game… If at first you’re not going to encounter any problems with coarse and light armor, things will be different when you’ve created heavy or intermediate pieces of armor. You will have a very good defense, but also a encumbrance which will quickly cause problems.

What’s the point of walking around with armor that takes up 60% of your inventory ? There is a method to reduce the weight of heavy and intermediate armor. Open your inventory in the skills section and unlock the « Apprentice Armorsmith » skill which will allow you to unlock several functions in the Armorer’s Bench.

You can create upgrades to hang on your armor parts, including what you need, to reduce the unnecessary weight of your armor parts. You will pass without problem from 60% to 40% with a heavy armor for example.

→ Tip 6 – Resources… Always more resources :

To obtain the game’s best survival equipment, you will have to collect a large number of resources, stone, plant fibers, iron stones, coal, brimstone and many others… Materials that you will then have to transform with the game’s many manufacturing tools.

But it won’t be possible to get the best things in Conan Exiles by staying cloistered in your Oasis. We advise you to travel to the left of the map. You see the big red area on the map ? Cross there and head towards the small blue area which is a dried up spring where you will find abundant brimstone. Better than that, you will find there many deposits of iron stones and coal.

Note that in this area of the game, you can also visit Sepermeru, the city of relic hunters where you can trade with many merchants.

→ Tip 7 – Getting plenty of Exotic Flesh :


If you followed our previous directions and set up your camp in the western part of the desert near the Shattered Springs, know that you are in a spot where you can obtain exotic meat in large quantities. Once you taste this high quality meat, you can’t do without it ! 

It offers a good restore of the hunger gauge, but also goes up a large part of your health. Take your best weapon and walk a little in the desert near theShattered Springs to meet big scorpions. These creatures are easy to kill and their remains offer you many exotic meats. Kill three or four large scorpions and you’ll get between 30 and 50 pieces of Exotic Flesh that you can then cook into Roasted Haunch.

→ Tip 8 – Use markers on the map :

You may have noticed this when you open your map, you can set landmarks in various places. We strongly advise you to place markers everywhere on the map by naming them. You see a merchant selling curious items, but you don’t have what it takes to pay for them… It doesn’t matter, put a question mark on the map and put a « merchant » message.

If you find a locked safe, place a box on the map and note « locked chest », you will return later when you have found the Skeleton key. It is very important to set landmarks in Conan Exiles, the world is big… Very big and you will not be able to remember all the areas you have visited and/or you have seen intriguing things so just set landmarks and come back later when you have what it takes !

→ Tip 9 – Build an altar for your god :

When you started your adventure, you chose a god, know that you can create an altar with the effigy of your god. For example, someone who has chosen Mitra can build Shrine of Mitra. You will then only have to make offerings to your god to obtain certain benefits.

For example, kill barbarians with the Mitraen Ankh to obtain Lingering Essence that in return will allow you to obtain a powerful health potion like Ambrosia, a drink that is said to be blessed by the gods. You can get many benefits by making offerings to the god you adore… So, dig this path, you could get some very interesting benefits after a while…

→ Tip 10 – Enjoy the benefits slaves offer :

In Conan Exiles you can get slaves… All you have to do is unlock the « slave maker » ability and create several things. Namely the Lesser Wheel of Pain, the Truncheon to knock out your future prisoner and the Fiber Bindings to drag your prisoner on the ground.

Always look at the type of people you’re about to knock out. There are fighters, blacksmiths, blacksmiths or even armorers with levels going from 1 to 4. The higher the slave level, the more benefits you will get from capturing it. To capture a servant, hit him with the Truncheon until he falls to the ground then tie him with the Fiber Bindings before putting him on your Wheel of Pain. 

You will then have to add food to your Wheel of Pain and wait until the slave is completely converted to get his profits.


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