mardi, septembre 27

Wiki God of War PS4 : how long it takes to finish the game ?


If you recently purchased the new God of War on PS4 or plan to buy it in the next few days, chances are you’ll wonder how long you’ll have to play to see the end of the story between Kratos and his son Atreus.

Unlike the previous games in the series, this new God of War PS4 allows Kratos to take a new start on the land of northern mythology. Although this new adventure has allowed the Santa Monica Studio developers to give a new direction to the God of War license, the fact remains that many references from the past are often mentioned by protagonists in the game for early fans.

If you want to know if it is necessary to have played the old episodes to enjoy this new God of War in good conditions, you will get the answer here : Do I have to have played previous God of War games to understand the new God of War on PS4 ?.

But let us stop getting lost and see how long it will take you to overcome the new adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus. According to our data, it will take you about 25 to 30 hours to see the end of God of War. This data does not mention the secondary quests and optional bosses of the game, if you want to see everything and finish this 100% God of War you will need at least 50 hours of play. Which is very good for a solo experience of this caliber. And believe us, the adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus will be long and full of surprises !


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