Wiki Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass what is it for, how to get it in the game ?


With Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s teams are promoting a « Gold Pass » system that allows players to unlock exclusive rewards and, above all, to access features that cannot be used without the famous Pass. If you have any questions about the usefulness of Mario Kart Tour’s « Gold Pass » and how you can get it, we will answer you next!

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What is the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass ?

The Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass is a paid ticket that will allow you to get the full version of the game. The rewards of accumulating seasonal stars will be more numerous, you will have access to exclusive challenges and the rewards that go with them (gold badges among others) and you will be able to unlock races in 200CC category for even more sensations on the tracks. The Gold Pass also gives you immediate access to a number of rubies (the game’s premium currency), gold (300) and some useful tickets such as the item ticket that works like an item on the tracks or the quick ticket that will allow you to unlock season cups more quickly if you don’t have the patience to win stars.

How to get the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass ?

All we can tell you is that this is not an item that you can get by playing. The Gold Pass is obtained only by subscribing to the subscription offered in the game, i.e. $7.99 the Gold Pass to obtain benefits for a period of 1 month. Please note that Nintendo offers a two-week free period per account. Be careful though, as this is a monthly subscription, you will be automatically charged for a one-month subscription after the two-week trial period, unless you manually change the subscription settings!


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