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Challenge Fortnite where is the hungry gnomes are located


Fortnite players who have the season 4 battle pass will have to hunt hungry garden gnomes this week. The challenges of week 8 are indeed available and one of them indicates that it is necessary to find 7 hungry garden gnomes.

If you don’t know where to look, we suggest you in the following lines to discover most of the places to search on MAP where you can see hungry garden gnomes.

Fortnite list and location of hungry garden gnomes :

Know that all these dwarfs emit a sound when you pass by them. A certain « Yumi Yumi » or « Nom Nom » that lets you know that there is someone close to you. Most of them are hiding in towns near food outlets… Well yes, they are hungry ! You have been given a description of all the places where you will find them, but you will also find a map at the end of the page with the location of all the gnomes.

  • Visit Greasy Grove’s burger restaurant to find a hungry dwarf in the basement.
  • There’s a hungry gnome in Anarchy Acres’ main barn.
  • Look behind a counter in the dance hall in the expedition yard northeast of Flush Factory.
  • You will find a hungry dwarf in Tomato Town just behind a counter in the restaurant.
  • You will find a hungry gnome between the shelves of the gas station northeast of Pleasant Park.
  • A hungry gnome awaits you near several beverage vending machines at the Tilted Towers central grocery store.
  • Head north of Flush Factory, you’ll find a hungry gnome in the nameless city.
  • Head to the building on the west side of Risky Reels to find a hungry dwarf behind the counter.
  • A hungry gnome waits in the new football stadium north of Pleasant Park.
  • Head towards the southwest building of Moisty Mire, you will find another hungry dwarf.
  • Go to the Salty Springs area and look for a hungry dwarf in the gas station.
  • A hungry gnome is in the gas station north of the football field west of Tilted Towers.
  • Visit the gas station south of Shifty Shafts to discover a hungry gnome.
  • There’s one in the house south of Snobby Shores.
  • South of Retail Row, where there’s the bear statue, a hungry gnome is waiting in the gas station.

Here, the complete MAP of hungry gnomes locations (fortnite challenge week 8) :



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