Guide Mario Kart Tour Tips and tricks to become the king of the courses


The new Mario Kart Tour, which has just been released on iOS and Android, offers fans an « almost » complete version of the classic Mario Kart games for Nintendo systems, but redesigned for mobile support. When you take your first steps on the game, you will certainly be confused by its maniability and gameplay mechanics, which differ in part from the other Mario Kart games. On the other hand, if you can adapt to the support, you will find the emblematic characters, the karts, the circuits from almost all Mario Kart games and maybe even a good quantity of fun. 

In short, if you enjoy this Mario Kart Tour to its fullest, we have a few tips and tricks to share with you to make it easier for you to progress through the different seasons and to allow you to do even more pulling with the pipe to win new karts, characters, and wings.

Tip 1 – Customize game controls :

The first thing that could shock you, or even discourage you in the game, is the controls that seem infamous at first sight… We strongly advise you not to activate the gyroscope features as well as the manual drift that are not intuitive at all. The gyro handling will require you to turn your Smartphone in all directions while the manual mode yoou will always in drift mode, very bad situation for the trajectory. 

For a game experience similar to that found on a console, disable manual drift and motion controls in the options, but above all, also disable smart steering, which will not allow you to have real control of your kart. By deactivating the smart steering, you will be able to take the shortcuts in the different tracks as you wish. Test these settings and you should find the sensations of a Mario Kart game on a console, or almost!

Tip 2 – 50CC what a slowness, 150 CC or nothing !

Who wants to play in 50 CC? It’s slow, not fun and it doesn’t feel like speed. Don’t waste your time with 50CC or 100CC modes, prefer to play in 150CC mode. You have everything to gain! The game will be more fun, faster, your opponents will have more response and above all you will have the opportunity to win many more season points during the tours. Believe us, play with the 150 CC function, the gaming experience will be even better.

Tip 3 – Score as many points as possible :

Being first is good, but in Mario Kart Tour it’s not enough! The game incorporates a new gameplay mechanism compared to the console versions. The more points you score during the races, the more stars you earn at the end to progress through the seasons. Stars not only allow you to access new cups, but also to win gifts that contain gold, rubies, but also new karts, wings or characters. Your points increase continuously according to your actions. Chain tricks, skids, fly as long as possible and parasitize your opponents’ progress with items. With a little luck, you’ll make enough combos during the race to avoid finishing first and still win the 5 stars of the season. Think about it when you are on a track, points first and foremost! And besides, the choice of your driver, the kart and the glider you will use during a race will be just as important to score as many points as possible.

Tip 4 – Each driver has a special item to use :

When you unlock new drivers via the pipe throw fire, be very careful about the unique item that is associated with the driver you just unlocked. For example, Baby Mario can use the boomerang flower that twirls around your kart when it is used. The basic Mario can use the fire flower to shoot three fireballs at your opponents while a Bowser will have the ability to throw a huge shell representing him in front of him. When you unlock a new driver, take a look at these features that may or may not benefit you on particular tracks.

Tip 5 – Each driver has one or more favourite courses :

Mario Kart Tour is much richer than it seems. If you are attentive enough to the pilots in your possession, then you can exploit the frenzy. This game mechanism allows you to shoot three items per question box during the races. If you align the same item three times then you enter frenzied mode which allows you for a brief moment to spam the obtained item infinitely. Well, know that any pilot can enter frenzied mode as long as they compete on their favorite courses. When you unlock a pilot, look at his or her personal card in the game menus to find out what type of circuit he or she prefers. Use this driver when the time comes to exploit the frenetic mode and take the advantage of the race.

Tip 6 – Get the best league score :

As you progress through the game, you will unlock your access to the league. The goal is to score as many points as possible in the active league cup to get great rewards at the end of the event. Aim for first place and you’ll earn enough ruby to make new pipe draws. If you can get to the top of the rankings, you will progress in the top leagues. The level will certainly be higher, but the rewards will be even better!

Tip 7 – Pay attention to your level of player, it increases your score :

In addition to earning rubies for each LvL Up, the player level allows you to strengthen your position points earned after each race. You earn experience points or lose experience points depending on your position in the races. Below fifth place, your player rank may decline, above you will gain enough XP points to progress.


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