Wiki Borderlands 3 what are the methods to get gold keys to open the Sanctuary chest ?


When you are in Sanctuary III’s ship in Borderlands 3, you will find a huge chest that will require you to use gold keys. It’s the same use as in the old Borderlands. If you are not familiar with this gameplay mechanism, we will explain how it works. Because you should know that these golden keys that open Sanctuary’s big trunk are not obtained directly in the game. No matter how many monsters you kill, how many planets you visit or how many boxes you search in the game, Borderlands 3’s golden keys cannot be obtained in this way!

Where to find gold keys in Borderlands 3 ?

It’s simple, going through the SHiFT system that allows you to win gold keys using single-use codes. To obtain these codes, please visit our dedicated page where we will list all the upcoming SHiFT codes for Borderlands 3. Before opening the Sanctuary chest with your keys, we strongly advise you to reach the maximum level of the game and to be in the second cycle ou first cycle to have equipment and weapons adapted to the level of your vault hunter. If you are looking for gold keys in Borderlands 3 and codes for the Shift service, it is on this page that it happens : Guide Borderlands 3 Shift Code List (how to get golden keys).


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